Wyresdale Park

I needed a good day. It's not that the recent days have been terrible, it just felt that there were shadows and weights on me that only fresh air and exploring could cast off. 

It started with warm Weetabix and sugar, something I've been craving for weeks. One of my fondest memories is of shivering on a camp chair in the crisp early morning, eating Weetabix from a little acrylic bowl with milk warmed on the camp stove, the dew still covering the grass. Eating it on the warm sofa wasn't quite the same, but just as nice. 

An hour or so on the motorway later and we reached Kendal, ready for second breakfast in Spoons. Toast with butter and jam from my own plate, a Quorn sausage from mum's and a hash brown from dad's made quite the buffet.

We had somewhere new in mind for our next spot, so took the scenic route, through a fire station's charity car wash and the heart of Lancaster, a city I still need to explore. Our destination was Wyresdale Park in Scorton, a place I'd seen my Northern babes Tasmin and Lily visit.

a newborn lamb snuggles into its mothers side while she peers at the cameranewborn lamb curled up asleep in front of its mother, 4 young lambs under a heat lamp in the barn

I was rather disappointed to find there was no country park or walk, as I expected, but what we stumbled upon was so much better. I had seen and heard the first Spring lambs gambolling in the fields, but didn't expect to see the sweetest, tiniest newborns nestled in the barn. Naturally my camera came out right away, and the farmer kindly let us get closer. Some of them were just a few hours old, still being cleaned by their mothers.

a cup of tea and a billionaire's slice

The real lure of Wyresdale is the Apple Store cafe, which has an interior just made for Instagram, and outdoor seating where people were enjoying the Spring sunshine with their dogs. Two chickens were pleased with their presence, making sure to hoover up every crumb and crust beneath the tables. We chose not to eat there, and instead called for tea and cake (well, billionaire's slice) at Daisy Clough, a sleepy garden centre down the road that hid a secretly chic cafe of its own. 

Fed and watered, it was time to hit the road again and drive home in the sunshine, relaxed and renewed.

What's the best place you've discovered?



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