The Best Glitter Glue: Wunder2 Prime and Behold

I'm a sucker for those sparkly halo eye looks all over Instagram, but my oily, hooded eyelids seemed determined to put an end to my disco ball dreams. However shiny the shadow, it would either fade off or transfer onto my upper lid, ruining the whole effect.

I'd tried eye primers and pencils, but nothing worked, until the angels sang the hallejulah chorus and chucked Wunder 2 Prime + Behold* into my life. It's a little dramatic to say my life changed from that moment, but my eye game certainly did.

a flatlay with a nude eyeshadow palette, purple eyeshadow, and three tubes of primer on a cream wool background

Wunder's eyebrow products are hyped as being super long wearing, but I didn't realise that they offered other items with the same promise. In their own words, it is
'...waterproof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof for up to 24 hours. The lightweight, creamy formula dries to a beautiful, holographic finish and creates a crease-free, soft and even base...

I can't say that I've tested their 24 hour claim, nor do I intend to, but I can tell you that both a glitter pigment and highlighter that would ordinarily vanish stayed perfectly in place all day, with no fading whatsoever.  They both looked far more vibrant than they would have without the pearlescent finish of the primer to brighten them, too.

a gif showing a makeup wipe swiping over swatches of purple and brown eyeshadow
Wiping with cream cleanser. The bottom swatches are using Wunder Prime+Behold. 

I love that the primer is so versatile and easy to use. Just swipe on, let it set for a second, and apply your products as normal. It doesn't feel sticky or prevent them from blending, but I have noticed that sometimes it can feel slightly uncomfortable on my eyelids, like the skin is more sensitive. However, this is mild and passes quickly, so I'm more than happy to continue using the product, and I'm excited to see how it performs on the lips.

At £17.95, this isn't exactly a bargain, but since it's allowing me to use all the glitters I had once stashed to the back, I would be likely to buy it again. 

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Do you have a favourite primer? 



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