Why The Travel Bug Hasn't Bitten Me

When I was growing up, we went on a hot holiday once a year, with a few British mini breaks in between. I've never left Europe, and the most exciting destination I've ticked off is Amsterdam (to visit family, not the red light district or drug cafes I hasten to add). 

It's only when I joined blog world that I realised that isn't the norm, and just scrolling down my feed is like a round the world trip, but no matter how many pretty pictures or rave reviews I see, travelling just isn't for me.

I know that makes me sound like an uncultured swine, and I can appreciate the value of immersing yourself in another culture if only for a week, but that isn't a good enough reason for me to shell out hundreds of pounds on accommodation and flights, get jabs, insurance, and baggage allowance, and board a flight far out of my comfort zone. 

I can read about history, I can recreate recipes, and I don't even care about hot weather. Nothing makes me want to travel except nature, which is why I'm perfectly happy to stay within my language barrier and keep my bucket list British. The Scottish Islands, the Isle of White, Cornwall, and The Lake District are all places I'm keen to explore, and luckily they're either a car ride or a short, cheap flight away.

Truly, I don't feel I'm missing out in Britain. We're a nation steeped in history, with all manner of dialects, people, and traditions across our cities, towns, and villages. We have hulking jurassic coastline, acres of woodland and countryside, and castles and abbeys galore.

Granted, they're shrouded in cloud most of the time, but we boast some stunning scenery, and as much as we complain about the weather, it's rarely extreme, so I won't need to wear a bikini or a balaclava.

The only exception to my disinterest is Banff, Canada. As a whole country I find Canada too overwhelming, and I hate the idea of missing out, so narrowing it down has earned it a place on my very exclusive list. I adore being near water,  and Lake Louise in particular is just breathtakingly beautiful, even more so than the English Lakes I love, and even worth the hassle I dread so much.

Maybe things will change, and one day I could be island hopping with every middle class gap yah kid out there. For now though, you'll catch me in Bangor or Bowness over Bali.

How do you feel about travel?



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