Enhancing My Colour with Superdrug

A childhood memory that always sticks in my mind is from a family holiday to Llandudno. I was sat with my mum on a bench by the sea, when an elderly lady walked past, did a double take, and proceeded to tell my mum how lovely my hair colour was.

Without blowing my own trumpet, she was right. As a kid I was blessed with true auburn hair that shone a deep red in the sun, and I always loved that it was unusual. Sadly it's faded as I've gotten older, and I'm more dark chocolate than chestnut now. I've tried henna to revive the old colour, and it works beautifully but it's a right faff and grew out with obvious roots, and I've never wanted to put a traditional hair dye on it, so I resigned myself to no longer being a redhead.

Then my pal Alice, who has beautiful light ginger curls, posted a little Instagram video of how she peps up her colour with the Superdrug Colour Enhance in Ruby Red, and it shot to the shop of my shopping list. Side note: when I went to buy it, it was £5.99 for one bottle or £7 for two, but mine scanned as £3.15 for the pair, and I can't not gloat about that.

As the name suggests, this is not a dye as such, more of a coloured treatment. It's also available in shades to warm or cool blonde tones, and one to boost brunettes. In my experience, it works brilliantly both at enhancing both the colour and the condition of the hair, thanks to the cranberry and pomegranate extracts. It doesn't feel heavy or greasy, but my hair is noticeably softer, shinier, and sweetly scented after using this, and I would continue to use it even if it didn't tint my hair.

Luckily though, it does! The directions say to leave it on washed hair for 5-30 minutes then rinse, and the colour will last 3 to 6 washes. I have used it with every wash for the past 4 washes, and noticed it gradually getting redder every time. It doesn't contain lightening agents, so the darker your hair, the more subtle its effects will be.

This is the perfect product for me. It allows me to step back to my copper top glory without worrying about roots or patchiness, and it has the added bonus of leaving my hair feeling and smelling dreamy. Although Superdrug advise wearing gloves, I don't, and it doesn't even stain my hands, skin, or bathroom. I have thick hair a few inches below my shoulders, and I'd say that one bottle lasts 6 or 7 uses, so it's great value, and as with all Superdrug's own items, cruelty free. It ticks every box, and I seriously owe Alice one for putting it in my life.

Do you colour your hair?



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