My Makeup Geek Palette

I've told the boring story epic tale of my quest for a pink eyeshadow before, in my review of a Modern Renaissance palette dupe, but before I found that palette, I decided to create a custom palette to add to my Makeup Geek collection. If I ever decide to do that again, someone please stop me, because I'm £45 down and still not satisfied.

a palette with 18 pink, cream, purple, and orange eyeshadows

I spent days sifting through swatches and reviews to compose my perfect palette, and this isn't it. I thought I'd be reaching for it every day but actually, I didn't plan it out very well at all. There are lots of shades very similar to one another, some shades are much cooler than I expected, and I should have added another brown and a cream for pulling looks together.  I could have bought a much better collection from Makeup Revolution for a fraction of the price.

However, they wouldn't have had the Makeup Geek formula that is raved about in every corner of the internet. Buttery, blendable, pigmented, and in a vast range of colours and finishes, it really is lovely. I'd especially recommend them to anyone who's not so confident with eyeshadow, as they're so easy to blend and build. If you have especially oily lids you'll need a great primer, as mine are moderately greasy and I find that the soft formula does fade and crease quickly, especially the foiled (f).

makeup geek pink and purple eyeshadow swatches
makeup geek cream and brown eyeshadow swatches
makeup geek orange and red eyeshadow swatches

Top: Confection, Whimsical (f), Petal Pusher, Corrupt, Cherry Cola
Middle: Shimma Shimma, Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Grandstand (f), Barcelona Beach, Vintage
Bottom: Cinderella, Nostalgic (f), Cosmopolitan, Mango Tango, Coppering (MAC), Morocco

I especially love the blush pink Cupcake as it works for both warm and cool looks, and Peach Smoothie is also a great versatile shade. Cosmopolitan is another favourite for its golden/coral duochrome effect but it is pretty similar to Cinderella.

Nostalgia and Whimsical are almost identical, and these are shades I rarely reach for, as they are extremely icy pinky-lilac shades that appear almost white on the eye. In contrast, I was a little disappointed with Shimma Shimma as it doesn't give a strong, gleaming highlight.

a palette wrapped in mint green paper with 'whatlyddid' in copper foil letters

I've placed them all in a Freedom Makeup Pro magnetic palette, which is one of my best buys of all time. When most people think of storing single pans their minds go to Z-palettes, but to me they are so flimsy and overpriced, whereas Freedom have offered the polar opposite. The palette actually clicks safely shut and has a full sized mirror. I personalised mine with Pretty Gifted wrapping paper and sticky back plastic because I'm extra like that.

I don't hate the palette, and still enjoy using it, but it isn't what I had expected. Boots, Superdrug, or Debenhams really need to help us British girls out and start stocking Makeup Geek in stores so we can swatch for ourselves!

What shades would be in your perfect palette?



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