Love From magazine is one that I've bought, read, and raved about for ages now. I love that it defies every typical women's magazine stereotype. You won't find fad diet plans, celebrity gossip, bodyshaming, or must have fashion guides that cost more than a small car. It's one that I'd happily recommend to my friends, and especially to younger people.

Imagine my joy, then, when the editor asked if I would like to do an interview and be on the cover! I was so, so honoured and jumped so high at the chance you'd think I had springs in my feet. Florence asked me some really insightful questions about myself, my shop, and my blog, and it was so fun answering them all. I hope that people who already know me will enjoy getting closer, and those who don't will feel encouraged by what I had to say.

I'm on a magazine wearing a denim jacket and black and white striped top

As a small business owner myself, I understand how special and important every order feels, too, so it was really lovely to be part of this product. Love From doesn't come from some glossy, clinical office, it truly is a labour of love that takes so much dedication from Florence herself, as well as giving writers a platform to publish their work, making for insightful and varied articles. 

In this particular issue, there's relationship advice, a discussion on consent, plus some resources on self care. Love From isn't just a name, the magazine really does have a focus on the readers' wellbeing as well as their entertainment, and that's exactly why I am so very proud to be part of it. You can bet I'll be framing a copy!

Make sure to grab your copy for just £2 and let me know what you think. 



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