Keeping Calm with Crafty Creatives

There are only a few things that help my anxiety, and art is one of them. There's just something about crafting and creating that soothes the soul, but when you're starting out it can be hard to know what project to start, or what materials you'll need. Luckily, Crafty Creatives subscriptions can send you a box every month with a complete project inside, making it so much easier for you to get making.

a white wreath decorate with orange and blue flowers and pink, yellow, and green pom poms hangs on a blue door
a selection of pink, yellow, and green pom poms, pipe cleaners, raffia string, white lace, and a wheel of pins

I'm very creative, and even I gasped when I opened my box* and saw this month's project. I'd never thought of making a Spring wreath! I was even more impressed when I opened the package and realised just how much is packed in every box.

In addition to the foam base, I received tonnes of pom poms, 3 full skeins of coloured raffia, a full pack of pipe cleaners, a wheel of pins, and more besides. They certainly don't skimp on materials, meaning you'll have some left over for your craft collection.

I was especially pleased to see the pins in the box. Not only do they allow you to test out your designs, they hold pom poms on much more securely than household glue. When it's time to retire your wreath you can simply unpin everything and recycle it all. I was really impressed that Crafty Creatives had thought this through and included the pins.

Among the materials is a simple card introducing the project and how to share it, but interestingly there are no instructions or guide. I appreciated Crafty Creative's approach because it encouraged me to use my imagination, have time away from a screen, and removed the pressure of trying to follow steps or pictures exactly. For those who would prefer guidance, there is a link to a Pinterest page for inspiration.

closer detail of the pink, green, and yellow pom poms and blue and green pipe cleaner flowers on the wreath

The boxes would make really wonderful, unusual gifts for any crafters in your life, or anyone going through a tough time. I really did feel calm and relaxed while making the wreath, and I believe that anyone would benefit from crafting.

Focusing on wrapping it neatly and arranging the pom poms gave my mind a focus, and I was rewarded with the completed wreath to decorate my door and make me smile. There was no mess or preparation involved and I didn't even need scissors or glue for my design, I simply started straight out of the box.

I'm really impressed with Crafty Creatives. I love that they think of everything and obviously put a lot of care and effort into making a box that's fun, easy, and rewarding. The subscription costs £15 a month with £3.20 posting and packaging, and they're worth every penny in my opinion. Each box gives you the enjoyment and relaxation of crafting, a finished product to display, and plenty of pieces to keep crafting.

What is your favourite craft?

*my box was gifted for review, this does not affect my opinions or honesty.



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