What I Got For My Birthday

Birthdays usually lose their shine as you get older. The excitement you felt as a child, that kept you awake the night before, is dulled, and it just becomes a sign of getting older for most people. Maybe I'm just a big kid, but birthdays still feel so special to me, and my 23rd was one of the best yet. 

It's not all about the presents, I could have received none and still had the most wonderful day, but I was gifted some really lovely things. If you enjoy this sort of post I also shared what I got for Christmas and my last birthday.

pink glittery makeup bag, lush hello gorgeous gift set in a pink box with green and yellow flower print

My family nearly fainted when I only asked for one makeup item this year! I really wanted to try the Makeup Revolution fast base foundation stick, and chose it in F3. They also gave me a beautiful pink glitter makeup bag, the ALDI glycolic acid pads which are said to rival Nip + Fab, and a mint chocolate face mask. 

My 'in laws' got me the most perfect LUSH set, called Hello Gorgeous. Usually their sets contain bar soaps that I don't like, but this one has a hand cream, face cream, shower scrub, Sex Bomb bath bomb, and my favourite bubble bar- The Comforter. I'll use and love all those items, and I adore the pretty box they came in. 

You can't go wrong with a Ted Baker gift set, and my aunty gifted me miniatures in the Pretty Pearl scent which is a light, clean floral with sandalwood.

a lancashire life magazine, how to draw modern florals book with gold lettering, blogging made easy book with pink illustrations

Lancashire Life is one of my favourite magazines, and I'll enjoy leafing through this issue with a cup of tea and a marker pen to circle places to visit. Rock and roll.

My mum's oldest friend hasn't actually met me since I was a baby, but a little birdy must have told her about my blog and she very kindly bought me Blogging Made Easy. It's written by bloggers for bloggers, and covers absolutely everything, from catchy titles to SEO, in a nice chatty tone.

The Male also bought me a book I'd spotted on Instagram and fallen in love with- Alli Koch's How To Draw Modern Florals*. I adore her clean lines and simple style, and the book makes it so easy to learn, with step by step tutorials and practise pages. I'm really looking forward to having a go. 

a pink knitted hat and a white tee shirt with blue and green floral embroidery
a gold necklace with a tiny crab holding a diamante

Despite being a big kid, one of the things I asked for was a waterproof coat to match my pink wellies, and Mountain Warehouse had just the ticket. My mum knitted me a matching beret because she's adorable like that. 

She also gave me a embroidered T-shirt from Dorothy Perkins that is just screaming to be worn with relaxed fit jeans when the weather warms up. I love that the embroidery is fairly simple but makes a nice change to the classic white tee. 

It would be very naughty of me to choose a favourite, but The Male gave me a gift that did make me tear up a little. I'd said I wanted an Alex Monroe crab necklace, but at £250 I was definitely joking, so he managed to find an almost exact dupe on Etsy, meaning a small shop got an order and I got my beautiful necklace! I was really touched that he had remembered and hunted one down, it's quirky and perfect for me.

an easter egg in gold foil, packets of gummy bears, mint cremes, and popcorn, and a jar of cocktail cherries

All my loved ones understand that I'm always thrilled to open edible presents, so this year I unwrapped mint cremes, an After Eight Easter egg, toffee popcorn, my favourite vegan sweets from Goody Good Stuff, and a jar of maraschino cherries! The pub used to put them in my lemonade when I was little, so when I saw them in the supermarket I told my mum how much I love them, and now I can jazz up my mocktails at home.

an orangutan soft boy sat on a marbled wood chopping board

I asked for this chopping board in IKEA, not because I've suddenly become Nigella, but because the patterns in the wood make it the ideal blog prop! I really like using natural elements and textures in my pictures, and the mango wood is so unusual.

This little monkey (now named Harry) was also from IKEA, by way of my sister, and there was definitely an animal theme running in her presents. She gave me a bedding set with colourful cacti cats on it- truly the definition of weird and wonderful! 

A few years ago I gave her tickets to go on an alpaca walk, and this time she returned the favour with a llama walk. It's such a lovely present as it gives me something to look forward to after my birthday, and we'll spend the day together with our new woolly pals.

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What would you like for your birthday?



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