Beating Blogger Jealousy

It's part of human nature that we get jealous, but it's still not a nice feeling. Unfortunately, blog world can flare up a lot of jealousy, whether it's being left out of girl gangs, not invited to events, or not receiving the PR package that every girl and her dog seems to be unboxing. It used to get me really down, until I changed my perspective and chilled the heck out.

lyd with face edited green to show 'green with envy'

You're not entitled
Sorry, I've got to drop a truth bomb right now. No matter our numbers, nobody is actually entitled to any of the blogger perks. The only guarantees in blogging are what you put out, not what you get back.

Do you REALLY want it? 
When I see people open huge boxes of Revlon's entire new collection, of course I'm lime green jelly. But then I ask myself whether I really am, and often the answer is no. I'd love the thrill of opening the box, but I'd struggle to store and wear 36 lipsticks.

See the bigger picture
Of course a blogger's stats do come into it, but so do things such as their location, and relationships with PRs. To give an example, a few of my friends were invited to the opening of a bar recently but I wasn't, and that's partly because I'm not based in the same city. PRs and brands are obviously going to look for people who tie in best with their brand, and once they have worked with that blogger, they will keep them in mind for other opportunities that will suit them.

Be better not bitter
If all else fails, use it as motivation. Look for the things you can do to boost your blog and contacts. Have you labelled your posts, joined blogger groups, politely emailed brands, and checked for broken links? Try to see every occasion as an opportunity to be even better.

How do you deal with jealousy?



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