Arty Inspiration

Ironically, one of the hardest parts of being a creative person is that our minds can so often draw a blank. It's easy to fall into a routine of drawing the same old thing, in the same old style (for me, it's dotwork bugs!), and it can be frustrating when you're itching to illustrate but can't find inspiration. I hope these hints will help!

- Illustrate your shopping list or wishlist

- Divide your page into equal sections, then choose a simple object, such as a button. Repeat the button in each section, using a different technique, angle, or medium each time.

- Design the perfect cushions for your bedroom

- Recreate your favourite work, using different mediums or colours

- Bring your favourite book character to life

- Doodle as many things you can think of that are a certain colour or letter. You could work through the alphabet!

- Sketch a loved one, or something that represents them

- What comes to mind when you think of Autumn? Draw it, then repeat for the other seasons!

- Bring collage into your work. Stick down pictures and textured pictures, or use a mixture of mediums and techniques.

- Banish the brushes and see what you can achieve when you use household objects. Dip forks into your paint, or go old school with some brass penny rubbing.

If you're still struggling for inspiration, check out these amazing artists:
Bold and sassy collage artist, perfect for influencing your use of texture and shapes.
Emma Powell Design
Emma takes classic horror characters and turns them into cute cartoons. Try it with your favourite film characters!
Katie Moody Art
Super sweet tiny illustrations of houses, birds, and lots of flowers!

What inspires you to create?




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