April Favourites

My birthday!
I could not have asked for a more perfect day. As we drove to my favourite place, Lytham, there was some serious fog, but it broke away to reveal glorious sunshine. It was hot enough to leave my coat behind as we strolled along the beach, picking up pebbles and driftwood, and the perfect temperature for a rocky road ice cream at the garden centre.

As we arrived home, so did the clouds, and the chill came back to the air. Perfect weather for going for a curry! I chose a curry for my birthday meal so that we could eat family style, talking and laughing as we shared the delicious dishes.

Camera remote
If you want to up your angle game, snap sizzling selfies, or you've just had enough of contorting yourself for that perfect shot, a camera remote is your best friend. I've had mine for 2 years and only dug it out this month, and now I wouldn't be without it! Just search for them under your camera model on Amazon.

In my house we listen to this awful radio station that plays 60s 'hits' all day, which a) drives me up the wall, and b) means I only hear current music about 2 years after it's released, so I'm very late to the Blossoms bandwagon but boy, am I glad I jumped on. I love their strong beats, 80s vibes, and if I'm honest, the fact that they're Northern.

I can't do a favourites post without a food because, well, food is my favourite thing every month. I try not to inhale crisps as often as I'd like, so these are a really good alternative as they're not fried and low in fat and salt but they have loads of salty vinegary flavour.

I must confess, I judged a book by its cover. I thought Emma had been lucky enough to get big from being featured on Louise Pentland's channel, but I was totally wrong! She's actually grown her channel through a lot of time and hard work, and viewers flock for her love of Primark, Disney, and oversized mugs, but more importantly for her fun and upbeat personality. She's not sugary-sweet and totally Disneyfied, but a girl's girl that makes you feel that you are watching a friend.

What did you love this month?



  1. I love BrummyMummyof2! I did find her through Louise, but I love her originality and quirkiness. Having a camera remote is really handy, isn't it? I don't have a physical remote, but I recently downloaded a Canon app on my phone that connects to the camera and it has made my life much easier!

  2. I keep wondering about those camera remotes! I might have to look more seriously into getting one!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland


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