What I Eat In A Day

I said in my round up of posts I love to read that What I Eat In A Day are among my favourites, yet I've never written one myself. That's partly because food photography isn't my forte, and partly because food is such a touchy subject. I never want my posts to shame people, nor do I want to be shamed.
With that said, here's what I ate on a meat free Monday:

a little red bowl of salsa, surrounded by chunks of pakora on a plate

Pass! I'm really not a breakfast person.

Morrisons red pepper and onion pakoras with salsa
These are fast becoming one of my favourite lunches! They're like falafel crossed with an onion bhaji, and really delicious when dipped in salsa. It's only £1 for a pack of 6, so I tend to split it into 2 lunches for days when I'm not ravenous.

A Pink Lady apple.

I tried my first Quorn steak, served with McCain vegetable fingers and baked beans. My friend Codie raves about the refrigerated peppered steaks but I'm not overly keen on pepper, so I found the plain steaks in the freezer section and sprinkled one with garlic granules. 

I did find the steak to be quite salty even without the granules, so I wouldn't eat this too often, but it was nice enough. I'd like to try it sliced and put in a ciabatta with some cooked red onions.

A warm chocolate hazelnut crepe (from a packet, I can't be bothered making them!), a chocolate cookie, and a banana.

Have you tried these foods?



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