Vegan Sweets and Treats

 As I mentioned in my vegan wrap review, I'm making more ethical choices with my diet. Some things are easy to swap, but one of my biggest concerns was confectionery. I'm a hardcore Haribo fan, but that chewy texture is down to gelatine, which means they're crossed off my shopping list. I was also worried that I could never have milk chocolate again, or that my choccy choices would be limited, but I was so wrong!

I spotted these in the world foods aisle at Tesco and had to grab a tub! Fruit jellies are one of my favourite sweets, and these contain a lovely mix of flavours. It turns out that many fruit jellies are vegan friendly, as they use pectin instead of gelatine. Yay!

First of all, these score serious points for the name. Jewels sound so much more exotic and exciting than plain old sweets! These are bars of fruit jelly with a fruit syrup inside them, with yummy flavour combinations like pineapple and raspberry.

I must admit that it frustrates me that Goody Good Stuff are noticeably higher in price than my beloved Haribo, but I have it on good authority that they're worth it. Emma, who writes fab vegan food reviews, recommended these to me, and other people have said they're the best vegan sweets for both taste and texture. On the bright side, being a bit more expensive means I'm less likely to inhale the whole bag in one sitting.

Kellogg's Fruit Winders
Merely holding one of these throws me back to primary school! If you love fruity sweets they are a good alternative, and they're made with real fruit puree.

Sour Skittles
I'm not entirely sure that these are vegan. I had heard that they were and didn't see any obvious animal products, but on further inspection I discovered that they contain E120, the code for cochineal, which is derived from beetles. I believe that E901 is the code for beeswax, which is often used as a glaze, which is also not suitable for vegans, so in future I'll look out for these numbers. Very frustrating that they are hidden behind a code!

Again, a large part of me wanted to put down this tiny 45p bar and grab a £1 Galaxy share block instead, but I resisted. I'm glad that Tesco have made a milk chocolate without the milk that is pretty easily accessible. Unfortunately it's not a patch on the old Galaxy, it has an overly sweet flavour and a waxy texture. It tastes how I imagine mockolate would.

Mint and Strawberry cremes
Mint Poppets
Fry's mint creme bars
It's a good job I like mint dark chocolate! I had assumed that all dark chocolate products were vegan friendly, but there are some that contain whey protein or milk derivatives so always check the label. Luckily these ones are all safe.

Alpro Soya Caramel Pudding
I bought these hoping for a vegan Rolo dessert dupe, but they're not at all similar. The Alpro has a lighter texture and a 'posher' caramel taste, like burnt toffee. I still really enjoyed them and they make for a sweet treat that's a tiny bit more nutritious as they have added vitamin D, B2, and B12.

Have you tried any of these treats? What are your favourite vegan treats?



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