Shop Small: Mothers Day

Since starting my own small business, I've realised that you can feel like a needle in a haystack. There are so many marvellous makers out there that you can easily go unnoticed, and from a customer's perspective I've often found Etsy overflowing with choice too. 

To make things easier for both parties, I'll be shouting out small shops on the regular basis, and finding treasures so you don't have to! What better occasion to start with than Mothers Day?

Pretty much every mum likes candles, right? Turn your back on Yankee and look to Etsy instead, where sellers have every scent under the sun! The rosebuds and marbling in MeliaMay's Flower Child wax brittle really stood out to me, and the soy wax melts cleanly. You could order a wax burner and a selection of scents for a really thoughtful gift that supports a few sellers.

What makes this business special is their high quality customised wrapping paper. You can choose different colour combinations and add your own wording, and either use it to wrap your gifts or personalise a present. I think a lovely gift for any mum would be a memory box. Just grab a shoebox, wrap it with Pretty Gifted paper with a phrase like 'Mum's Memories' and fill it with photos, cards, menus, and other meaningful trinkets.

Handmade suncatchers make a lovely gift because they're all totally unique, there's a design to match every home, and they add an unusual touch of colour to any room with a window. I particularly love this beautiful bunting, and I ordered my own mum a sheep suncatcher from this seller before, which we were very happy with. 

Bath stuff is a standard mum gift, so I wanted to find something a little bit different, and these look perfect! Oats have long been known to soothe the skin, especially eczema, while epsom salts soothe the muscles, and the citrus oils uplift the spirit. You get 10 bags from this seller, and you could combine them with a nice bottle of her favourite wine to enjoy in the bath.

This is such a pretty notebook, I think any lady would be happy to pull it out of her bag. The shop's owner specialises in stitching and offers lots of beautiful gifts. Even the notebooks feature a textile design, if you look closely you'll see that the image is actually lots of different fabrics that the artist has sewn and scanned, so a lot of work has gone into this.

What would your mum like for Mothers Day?

-- all prices are correct at the time of writing --
-- all photos belong to the original artists --

Did you know I have an Etsy shop too?



  1. Oh my goodness the glass bunting is adorable! I am seriously tempted to get myself it as a blog prop! My mum would love the notebook though, she loves things like this, and I love supporting little businesses :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Soooo many fab choices I love the wax brittle it’s so pretty xx


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