March Favourites

I know we've had cold weather this month, but I also had a cold and the sore throat was bad enough that I scampered off to the shops in search of cooling relief. These lollies did the trick perfectly, and they also taste fantastic. They're made out of pure blended raspberries so they're totally true to taste, and not massively high in sugar.

Cor, what a banger! I can't stop singing Hold My Girl to my poor cat, and I can't wait to crank Paradise up in the car on summer days. I used to think the man himself was a bit of a tit until I watched some interviews and came to the conclusion that we'd get on really well. Sorry, G.

I've been replaying episodes this month as I just find it so easy to watch and have on in the background, even if Ross does send my blood pressure sky high! Sing it with me guys: all you vant is a dinkle...

It really comes to something when a shower gel is a favourite in both my March and February Favourites, but what can I say? I like celebrating the small things. This shower gel is packed with natural extracts for a seriously potent scent that clears my head and makes me feel totally clean, but the best part is definitely the formula. On contact with water the gel puffs up into huge clouds of thick foam! 

It's pretty rare that I feature books here on my blog and honestly guys, that's because I read the trashiest romances out there. Clumsy girl captures the heart of the brooding, trouble, muscled man. You know the drill. However, Honeymoon Cottage was different, as it's equal parts mystery and romance and the leading lady actually has her shiz together. It was a nice, easy read, yet still kept me totally gripped and had a pretty good twist.

What did you love in March?



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