Easy Everyday Health Hacks*

Truth be told, I'm a bit of a lazy lump, and I love finding shortcuts that make life that little bit easier, my health included. I want to do the best for my body, but if there are ways I can nourish it quickly and simply, I'm all for them. By just changing my bath water, drinking water, and cereal toppers, I'm making small choices that can work together to make a big difference.

Please note I'm far from being a medical professional. If you have any concerns about your health it's best to get on the blower to your doctor, and it's always worth chatting to them before you try new supplements and changes.

Epsom salts/magnesium flakes
We all know that a relaxing bath can work wonders for our wellbeing, as it gives us time to relax alone, but you can also boost for health while you soak by simply adding epsom salts to your water. They are made of magnesium, something which many of us are deficient in. Whenever I feel run down I simply dissolve around 500g of salts or flakes in hot water then stir it into a warm bath. It's best to have a big glass of water while you're in the tub, then head to bed straight after for a deep sleep.

*Earth Water products were sent for review, however this does not alter my opinion or honesty- see my disclaimer for more.

Fulvic Humic acids
This mineral complex was once rich in the soil, but with the rise of pollution it is suggested that the concentration in the soil is diluted, therefore there is less in the fruits and vegetables we eat. This complex supports the cells, with humic acid preventing toxins from attaching, and fulvic acid carrying nutrients into the cell. 

Luckily, EarthWater have made it quick and simple to benefit from this power pair. They produce bottles of ready mixed water in plain and flavoured varieties, vegan friendly gummies, and, my favourite, sachets of concentrate*. The sachets can be mixed at home so you can supplement any drink you like, and reuse your own water bottle for extra planet points. Despite looking a little scary with its almost black colour, it's totally tasteless. 

I like to think I eat pretty well, and my diet has plenty of fruit and veg, but I could still feel a difference in my energy levels when I drank Earth Water. When I had a cold the symptoms were much less severe than usual and I recovered faster. I imagine it's especially helpful for anyone who exercises a lot, or people who do not get a wide variety of vitamins from their diet.

Chia and ground flax seeds
Seeds are nature's powerhouses, with tonnes of health benefits packed into each tiny pod. Flax and chia are especially nutritious, with chia seeds carrying lots of amino acids and antioxidants. Sprinkle them over yoghurt or cereal, or add them into smoothies and baking. You only need around a teaspoon a day, so it's really easy to supplement your diet.

Do you have any health hacks?



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