What I Learned On My First Fashion Shoot

First of all, I feel like a right Terry Tit calling it a fashion shoot. I won't be giving the Hadids any competition or striding down the catwalks of Paris any time soon, but I did really want to show off my sassy new pants, so I handed the camera over to my dad and did my darned best. 

It was totally new territory for me so I relied on the old adage of 'preparation is key'. When planning the shoot I thought about the look, the location, and the poses. 

white tee shirt with black stripes, red paperbag trousers, light wash denim jacket

For the look I wanted the the trousers to be the centre of attention, but still within a relaxed outfit, so I paired them with a stripy tee and chose a denim jacket over a pleather. This was so the blue added a lighter colour and a new texture to the mix. The embroidered Betsey Johnson trainers kept it casual and the red details tied in with the trousers, while my black pleather bag matched them.

I knew I would most likely brighten the photos, and my camera would pick up every imperfection, so I wore more makeup than usual, especially bronzer. As you can see, I'm already pale on these photos, but without that extra dusting I'd be paper white. I chose an orange toned lipstick to brighten my face and still tie in with the trousers without being too matchy matchy like a blue based red would be. 

When it came to location, I headed to Liverpool for a few reasons. I find it an inspiring city in itself but it's also where my favourite fashion bloggers (Jessi, Allie, Erin, and Abigail) get their best shots. Liverpool is 40 minutes away from my home so I knew I wouldn't bump into Gwen from the pharmacy, either. 

There's so much history and industrial architecture in the city, I was spoilt for choice! Since I am still very self conscious I went on a Thursday afternoon and chose areas that weren't teeming with people, like doorways on quiet streets and the steps up to the unused museum doors, where the stone provided a neutral background. When I saw a blue doorway I had to get a snap there to match my blue and red Instagram theme!

white tee shirt with black stripes, red paperbag trousers, light wash denim jacket, black trainers

Without a doubt, the hardest part was posing. Suddenly my arms felt like lead and I was stiff as a board. To lighten things up I'd recommend playing a feel good song in your head and moving to the beat. Think about what you want to highlight and hide, too, and plan your poses around that, using blogs and Instagrams for inspiration. In general you want your head up, back straight, and shoulders down, but to still look relaxed. It aint easy! 

In the end, I started to have fun with it and found that the last few photographs are much better than the first than the first, where I look like a rabbit in the headlights, more grimace than grinning. It really helped that my dad was playing photographer- he's seen me being a prat countless times over the last 23 years so another hour was nothing. If you want to hire a photographer, ask around for other bloggers' experiences. Personally I can vouch for Alice Red, who has a knack for making people comfortable and really highlighting their best bits and personalities.

What are your tips for fashion shoots?



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