February Favourites

I'd choose a good shower gel over a LUSH bath bomb anyday. There, I said it. This fruity fancy is particularly lovely as it's cruelty free, makes me smell like a starburst, and it's just 99p. Lovely jubbly.

Milk is my favourite drink, but I knew that consuming lots of cows' milk wasn't great for my body or the planet, so I made it my mission to find the perfect alternative. Oat milk was the answer to my prayers. As well as tasting great, with natural sweetness and creaminess, it's nutritionally better than cows' milk. I just wish it wasn't three times the price!

On the down side, I'm very sad that it has taken me this long to discover how hilarious this woman is. On the up side, I'm very glad that her videos have had me in hysterics this month, and I've been able to binge watch all of them and see her whole YouTube journey in a matter of days. If you've ever been unsure about an online store, Patricia has probably tested it in a haul, and she doesn't sugarcoat her opinions whatsoever.

This series isn't a patch on previous ones, if you ask me. I find that the episodes seem to drag out then end with no real resolution, but that doesn't stop me waiting all week for Sunday evening to come around. Somehow they still find new storylines, and a few of them have tied into issues that we still recognise today.

In case you missed it, I opened up a little Etsy shop to sell letter sets and prints this month. My friends and family will tell you that it was years in the making! I'm really thrilled to see my artwork adorning people's walls, but I hadn't expected the pride, independence and motivation it would give me. A million thanks to everyone who has given me kind comments, shared my shop, or placed orders.

What were your faves in February?



  1. Fabulous as alway m’love. Quick question: the milk, can you drink it on it’s own? I know you CAN but does it taste nice enough on its own or is it just suitable with other things?♥️

  2. I love oat milk too, and I adore your shop. So proud x


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