EcoTools Perfecting Sponges

For 3 years I've been using my poor stained, ripped Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. Even my boyfriend commented that it was time to put it out of its misery and move on, but I'd heard that they had changed the material and I was wary it wouldn't live up to Ol' Faithful.

Then I took a trip to TKMaxx, where I spotted this EcoTools duo, and I recalled Kathleen Lights praising their sponges. I can't argue with our Kath, so I snagged the set, assuming they were the same texture in different sizes. However, EcoTools have cleverly made the smaller sponge denser and firmer, to provide fuller coverage. It's ideal for concealer under the eyes, and noticeably different to the larger sponge, which is super soft and bouncy. It feels like Real Techniques but is bigger.

an emerald green ecotools sponge sat in a mug shaped and painted like a fox's face

In contrast to Real Techniques, both EcoTools sponges have very defined flat edges and a precise chisel tip along the top, which are ideal for reaching into corners, packing on powder to bake, or drawing distinct lines when contouring. They're also made from EcoFoam, an innovative new material that uses 70% plant materials, which makes EcoTools stand out from their competitors.

I really thought I'd love these sponges, but sadly they haven't wowed me. The best way I could describe them is 'clumsy'. The smaller one is too dense to softly diffuse product, it seems to soak it up, and I found the large one too big for my face. I still think they are ideal for baking and contouring, and I will use the large sponge for highlighting my body, but I'll still be running out to repurchase my Miracle Complexion.

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