Cleansing With CloudCloth*

It's no secret that my skin is far from perfect. I am 'blessed' with scaly skin dotted with angry cysts, like a lumpy lizard. Mmm. Exfoliating it is a really important step in keeping it as happy as possible, and my favourite method is to gently exfoliate every day to prevent any dead skin building up. 

One way I like to do this is by cleansing with a thick, nourishing cleanser, and removing it with a damp cloth. I had been using ordinary flannels but I noticed that my skin sometimes felt a little raw because the grains of the cloth are too large to use morning and night, every day.

Items in this post have been gifted in exchange for honest review.

I didn't want to give up my lovely, buttery cleansers, so it was clear that the flannels had to go, and in their place I've been using CloudCloths*. They're super soft on one side and very slightly grainy on the other, so the thick, durable cloth is perfect for removing all of your makeup and really getting into every corner, then gently buffing for a softer, brighter complexion. Use the soft side alone if your skin is sensitive, and if it feels especially congested simply apply a little more pressure and move in small circles for a deeper scrub on the areas that need it. 

My only qualm with CloudCloths* is the size. I found them a little too small, as they don't drape over my whole face like a flannel would, so I do find it takes more effort to properly cleanse every bit of skin. 

On the bright side, I realised that the smaller size and thickness of the cloths makes them ideal for creating homemade, reusable wipes. Just roll them in a freezer bag, add water or micellar water, and you have wipes that will clean messes from you and your children quickly and gently, then be tossed in the washer for next time. Swap ordinary water for micellar water and you have makeup remover wipes ready for the nights when you know you'll be too tired for a full cleanse! 

How do you like to cleanse?

*items were gifted in exchange for review. This does not alter my opinions or honesty.



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