Celebrating My Smile With Whitewash Nano*

There are many things I'd change about myself, but my teeth are probably top of the list. I used to have a big gap, but a brace when I was in my teens fixed it... until my wisdom teeth came in and pushed my front teeth together.

Although some will say it's just vanity, I was feeling really quite down about it, to the point where I didn't want to smile in photographs. Since braces and veneers don't come cheap, I decided that the best thing I could do would be to look after my teeth really well, as I didn't want fillings, gaps, or stains to make it even worse!

Items in this post were gifted for review.

I'm standing in front of a red brick wall, smiling at the camera, and holding my black fluffy cat. I'm wearing sunglasses, red lipstick, and a burgundy stripy top.

I also wanted to whiten my teeth, but I was afraid that it could do more harm than good. Previously I'd used LUSH toothy tabs for a bright smile, but I worried that they were abrasive on my teeth, and whitening formulas in the chemist might be too harsh. Whitewash Nano seem to have taken these concerns on board when they made their Intensive Whitening Strips. A course is £24.95, a fraction of whitening in a dental office, but these strips are just as safe, as they were produced with dentists, to ensure you get the most efficient but gentle whitening. The formula is also cruelty free and vegan, so these strips really are kind to everyone.

Using the strips is simple, you just pop them on to clean teeth for an hour every day for a fortnight. I will warn you that they do take a little getting used to! On my first few tries I found them quite uncomfortable as a lot of excess hung off my teeth, and the sticky gel wouldn't wash away. I fixed that by simply cutting the strips to a smaller size, and had a much better experience.

Since the strips need to stay on your teeth for an hour, I'd recommend popping them on around bedtime, when you've finished eating for the night and would be cleaning your teeth anyway. Then you can just read and relax, and whip them off before you settle down for the night.

I'm standing in front of a red brick wall, wearing a striped burgundy long sleeve top and sunglasses, and smiling down at the fluffy black cat in my arms

My teeth were not stained or badly discoloured before using the strips, therefore I didn't see a dramatic difference, but I have noticed an overall brighter, cleaner look to my smile which has made me more confident to show it.

 I don't smoke or drink much coffee or red wine, habits which can often be the culprits of staining. Another factor is the enamel wearing away, which is why it's so important to protect those pearlies. Whitewash Nano understand that, and I didn't experience any pain, sensitivity, or damage whatsoever whilst using the Intensive Whitening Strips.

Do you have any tips on taking care of your teeth?



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