Posts I Love To Read

When it boils down to it, I think I just love blogging because I'm a nosy parker. I love reading really personal posts that feel a bit like I'm snooping through someone's diary, or I've climbed inside their brain (ew). Parenting and gardening aren't my bag, fashion and interiors are okay, but these are the posts that really float my boat.

a picture of a notebook with pink floral stickers, overlaid with black and pink text reading 'posts I love to read'

-- Facts About Me
Yes, please tell me your first pet was a goldfish called Fin Diesel. Hit me up with your hidden talents. Let me know your favourite food, film, or flower, because I will read them all. 

Wedding Posts
Hello, stranger whose link has appeared on my feed via a blog retweet account. Don't mind me, I'm just crying over the sheer happiness on your face during the speeches, and the perfection of your table settings. If your marriage is as joyful as this post made me, you're in for a great ride. 

What I Eat In A Day
Sadly, food diary posts are something of a rare gem nowadays, and I think that's because many people are worried that either the diet police will be on their back, or they'll sound like the diet police themselves. As long as you're eating what's right for you, and not food shaming anyone else, I will read these posts again and again. 

(The exception here is Anna Saccone Joly. Fair play, the woman knows what she likes, but I've read the words 'breakfast: porridge with almond milk, blueberry, and banana' so many times it feels like Groundhog Day)

Food Reviews
I'm not a lover of fancy food reviews, I'm afraid the fennel foam and whisper of chervil are lost on me, but, weirdo that I am, I'm somewhat obsessed with snack reviews. I've stayed up way past my bedtime reading reviews of discontinued Boots sandwiches many a time, and my ultimate guilty pleasure is Candy Gurus blog. I like to save up their posts then read 30 at once, all weighing up the pros, cons, and 'mouth feel' of sweets we can't even buy in the UK. I need help. And more food reviews.

What posts will you always read?



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