I'm smiling and holding a selection of my prints and letter sets

February 2018:
All my life, I've been encouraged to be creative. My mum could outbake Mary Berry, and my dad could probably build a rocket if he wanted to. Growing up, the house has always been filled with glue guns, sequins, recipe books, Lego, pens, pencils, and even soldering irons and pyrography pens! Whatever my sister and I wanted to try, we were given the tools and encouragement, and it's instilled a lifelong love of creating. 

Family and friends have nudged to me share what I make, but there were always nagging doubts that held me back. It took the passing of a very dear person to make me realise I needed to block them out and just go for it, so I started designing my very first range of fun stationery pieces for people to own and enjoy.

That brings us to today, when I share those designs with the world and officially declare the WhatLydDid shop open for business! I'm so, so proud of my wares, and I hope you'll love them too. There are some cute prints for all your blog prop needs, and letter writing sets for when a tweet just won't cut it. I'm planning to add one more of each per week, and I'm all ears for suggestions of what you would like to see next.

February 2019:
Unfortunately letter sets did not sell well, I feel that they're just too niche, but I used it as a learning experience and bounced back with a relaunch! My shop is now 'by bloggers, for bloggers' with motivational quote prints, laptop stickers, and personalised blog kit bags to store photo props or SD cards, spare batteries, and all that camera gubbins.

If you'd like to support my shop, I hugely appreciate every purchase, but retweets and regrams of my products are so, so helpful, and those of you signed up to Awin could affiliate link my items so we both benefit from the sales.



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