Lessons I've Learned About Blogging

I've been thrashing out my thoughts on this here 'corner of the internet' for a whole spin around the sun now, and it's been quite the learning curve. Naively I thought it would be a quick case of writing a story, adding some pictures, recording my memories, and maybe going to a press night if I was lucky. In actual fact I've spent two thirds of the past year on Tweetdeck, and the remaining third trying to master swirly handwriting on Instagram stories.

It's an emotional rollercoaster
One minute you're buzzing that your last post got 5 retweets, the next minute you're crying to Instagram stories about how you're jealous of the girl who got the press meal at your fave restaurant.

For every 'exciting email' there are 9 kind offers from brands who want to guest post on your blog with 6 follow links, no disclosure, and 3% off their product
Something to bear in mind next time you see your favourite blogger talking about a secret project and you feel your green eyed monster rising...

You become a perfectionist
When I started this blog I promised myself I just wanted the memories, no matter how they looked. Now I'll spend half an hour colour correcting six pixels. 

... and your family become your assistants
Woe betide your dad if he doesn't move his napkin to a photogenic angle before you snap six pictures of his breakfast! (Seriously, my dad's kindly carried boxes of drinks around a park for me before just so I could get the perfect picture. Top lad.)

There's more drama than a cat fight at the Soap Awards
She said WHAT?! Oh yes, the blogging community certainly isn't shy of a catastrophe or two, and every group chat gets filled with screenshots for all to see. Most of the time it simmers down and we all play nicely again... until the next time someone copies 12 posts and tells a whopping fib.

...and you soon learn how to dodge being at the centre
A few years ago I was proud of having 'no filter', now I look back and cringe! The blogging community has helped me to be much more sensitive and understanding to all sorts of issues, so now I know to keep my lip zipped and my ears open.

What have you learned about being a blogger?



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