January Favourites

Excuse me, has it really only been one month since 2017? Blimey. That's not to say I'm wishing 2018 away, I'd just like it if Summer and Autumn could last as long. Winter has truly outstayed its welcome with me, but you'll see that I found some bright beauties to see me through January.

The Green Mile
I went about reading this in a rather strange way. I saw a bit of the film, googled the synopsis, then bought and read it, so nothing was a surprise to me yet I was still gripped to each and every page. I won't give away any spoilers if you haven't read it, but I will say that it's a very emotive story that had me raging and weeping. The film is good, but the book is definitely better.

One of my goals for 2018 was to meet more bloggers, and I'm so happy that I was able to tick that off with one of my absolute faves so soon in the year. I've spoken before about why I love Charlotte as a blogger and YouTuber, but through 3 years of commenting back and forth, I've been lucky enough to love her as a friend. When we finally met up this month that friendship was set in stone as soon as she suggested a two course breakfast, which I'd secretly been planning in my head all along.

I showed this rainbow beauty in my Christmas gifts post, but I haven't shown the looks I've created with it yet. The possibilities really are endless with this palette, and so far I've been thrilled with the performance of the shadows. They are on the drier side, but that's something of a blessing for my oily eyelids.

They were bang on with the name! This liquid illuminator is full of teeny tiny shimmer particles to give the face a beautiful radiance. I wouldn't call this a highlighter or use it in place of one, but I love adding it to my moisturiser to instantly boost my complexion. It doesn't feel heavy or oily, and the shimmer is so fine that there's no risk of looking like a disco ball.

It's only January and I think we've found the concealer of the year. High coverage, creamy but longlasting formula in 18 shades, and all for £4?! No wonder this stuff is like gold dust! I bought mine at 10am, and the sales assistant told me it would be gone by lunchtime. They even have people ringing to check stock, and buying three at a time. If you see it in your store, run, don't walk.

Have you tried any of these?



  1. I am loving your photos in this post. They are gorgeous. Also that palette looks incredible. I still haven't gotten round to attempting eyeshadow but I will master it this year
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise


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