Flexible Fitness With MoveGB

When I was in year 8, my school decided to put us into sets for PE classes. I was somehow put in the middle set, away from all my friends. Luckily for lazy little Lyd, the teachers quickly realised their mistake and bumped me down to the lowest set. I celebrated with a high kick that ironically tore my hamstring.

My hatred for exercise has stayed strong, but now that my teenage years are behind me I've started to have concerns over my strength and fitness. I know that the key for me is variety and lots of fun, but taking individual classes quickly adds up. MoveGB offered me a month's membership and suddenly I heard the hallelujah chorus! 

They boast a whole range of sessions including gym passes, trampolining, pilates, boxing, and more, so you can mix up your workout and environment, keeping it interesting for your mind and body. The sessions I tried would have cost me over £12- double MoveGB's starting price of £5.99 a week! I'm so glad that I was able to try the classes and see where I want to commit rather than signing away hundreds of pounds to one gym.

Boogie Bounce
I'd seen this class advertised before and been sorely tempted, and I'm so glad that MoveGB gave me the push to go. Bouncing around to karaoke classics? It's as fun as it sounds! I had to take lots of breaks, but always got back on with a smile. There were ladies of all shapes, sizes, abilities and ages all having fun together, and the instructor was friendly and encouraging. It was a blast!

Confession: I am flipping terrified of water- or more specifically, what lives in it *shudders*. I was determined to face the fear though, because swimming is a fantastic for conditioning the body and a great way for me to build my strength and stamina.While I can't see myself rushing back every week, I'm really proud of myself for giving it a go- chlorine allergy, hydrophobia, and all.

I thought this would be the bees knees. Exercise that feels fun? Yes please! Actually, it was less fun than cross country in tight gym shorts, and I walked out 20 minutes in. For a little while I felt really deflated and deterred, but from speaking to other people I learned that it's kind of a Marmite thing, and most people really enjoy it but others shared my dislike. I'm glad that I could give it a go with my trial.

My only problem is not with MoveGB themselves, but what was offered to me from my surrounding areas. I am between 2 towns, and while one offers a huge variety of both centres and sessions, the other was very limited. The variety also meant that I was driving around more than if I stuck to one close gym, but that is purely based on my location. MoveGB are always expanding, so you can suggest venues you would like to see, and check what is available to you before signing up.

What classes would you like to try? You can sign up for 3 sessions free!

This post is NOT sponsored or produced in collaboration with Move GB. I was so happy with the service that I wanted to share it anyway! 



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