Free Hot Drink Phone Wallpaper

What a boring title for something I'm very excited about (and hope you will be too)! After I designed a cute little Christmas pudding phone wallpaper, my friend Jessi asked for a coffee version for the new year. I'm so glad she suggested it, as it wouldn't have come to me otherwise, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Please feel free to use this wallpaper for your home or lock screen, or to jazz up your WhatsApp, but don't blame me for any coffee cravings! On my phone I simply hold down the image, save it, and set as wallpaper, but if you have any issues just let me know and I'll email it over.

What do you order in a coffee shop?




  1. I love this! it's so cute, I'm going to use it for my whatsapp! I'm not a fan of coffee, so I'll always go for tea or hot chocolate!
    Hels xx


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