New Year's Blog Goals

There's no denying that starting a blog was one of the best things I did in 2017, or in my life, in fact. It's brought me friendship, confidence, and some really special opportunities. It has its downsides, too (I wish I was joking about losing sleep over my Instagram theme), but overall, I'm so pleased with what I've got out of it. In 2018, I'm making it my mission to put more into it.

1.  Attend more events and meet more bloggers
I love Katy and Sammy's Carnlival events, and I've been really lucky to attend some brand events, but I am such a chicken about meeting new people and travelling to new places. I'd like to push myself and change this, as I know it would work wonders for my confidence and combat my FOMO. "A ship is safe in harbour but that is not what ships are for" and all that!

2. Comment on blog posts
I love supporting other bloggers through shoutouts and retweets, but I'm terrible at commenting on other posts. It's a real boost to get a comment on a post you worked hard on, so I'm determined to take the time to do that for the writers I love.

3. Search or ask for affiliate links before I buy
To support creators financially, I'm going to ask around for links before I make a purchase. It's no extra effort on my part to click their link or use a code, and if it generates a bit of income to help them produce more content, it's a win win situation!

4. Promote my shiz!
I would rather do 30 minutes on a treadmill than Tweetdeck, but after spending so much time writing and editing my posts and pictures it's a damn shame that I neglect to promote them. I'll try to get into a routine where you don't miss a post, but don't want to nut me for spamming your feeds either. You're welcome.

5. Find the balance
Like everyone, I feel so much pressure to have professional content with glossy photos and a swish layout, but this often overwhelms me and I stop writing. I'd like to find the balance where I push myself and produce great content across all platforms, but ensure that it's content that makes me happy as well as looking good or fitting a trend.

Glossy photos have their place, but I need to stop holding back and saying 'nobody cares', and focus on writing for my future self and memories too. I want to talk about my new favourite songs, walks I go on, and I've even dared myself to take the plunge into fashion posts!

How are you handling your blog in 2018?



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