Highlights of 2017

When I look back on 2017, I kind of see it as yet another year that anxiety swallowed up. It's much easier to see the things I didn't do than those I did. But when I look closer, I can see the days and moments where I won. 

Starting this blog
I'd dabbled in blogging, I'd tried with YouTube, but in February 2017 it all fell together and WhatLydDid was born. Buying my domain and starting to type truly was one of the best things I have ever done, and my only regret is not starting sooner. The friendships, opportunities, and most importantly, the memories this blog has brought me are ones to cherish. 

Getting a job... aaand giving it up
I was so excited to finally be employed again, to be utilising my skills and learning new ones. At first it gave me back my self worth and motivation and made me drive again, but I quickly learned that I was in a setting that was grinding me down and where my best was never good enough. I'm sad that I have to search again, but I'm really proud of myself for valuing my wellbeing.

Easter CarnLIVal and Winter CarnLIVal were two of the best days of my year. In April Katy and Sammy had booked the fifth floor of Liverpool's Hope Street Hotel, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and a balcony offering stunning views across the city. Even looking back at the memory, I have to pinch myself, because it felt like I was in a film or a dream. The company made it even better, and I was so pleased to hang out with some of the girls again in December. It's so, so wonderful to spend an afternoon laughing and chatting, swapping gifts, and raising money for charity. I'll never stop telling Katy and Sammy how thankful I am.

Watching the perseid meteor shower
This was such a magical experience! In essence, I was just watching light streak through the night sky, yet it meant so much more than that. I loved sharing it with my mum, and I know it will be a highlight we both treasure long after 2017.

Working with Winter Gardens Blackpool
As I write this, I have reviewed 7 productions with the theatre, and on every single occasion I have welled up as the show started because I felt so incredibly lucky to be there, with that purpose. It has done wonders for my confidence by showing me that my writing is good and people care about my opinions. I don't get out much thanks to anxiety, but my theatre visits have gotten me out of the house, made memories with the family members I took along, and I will always be grateful to every reader for being part of this opportunity. You're all gems.

What stood out in 2017 for you?



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