W7 Delicious Palette Review + Looks

Without being too dramatic, I think my life changed when Anastasia Beverly Hills released the Modern Renaissance palette. It hit the internet with a force, and I fell madly in love with Love Letter, a pinky plum shade unlike anything I had seen before.

The single retails for £12 on BeautyBay or $12 on ABH.com (plus shipping and customs, ew), and I simply could not justify that, so I plumped for the W7 Delicious palette which was just £6 in Savers. Half the price for 13 more shadows was too good to pass up!

W7 Delicious palette: 12 eyeshadows including browns, pinks, oranges, and reds

The palette is a cardboard magnetic style, which never feels secure enough for me, but for the price I can easily forgive it. It includes a mirror, and a double ended brush, with one fluffy side that works well enough, and a flat side that feels like I am rubbing my skin off. You win some, you lose some!

The formula of the eyeshadows is a little 'win some, lose some', too, as I found each eyeshadow to be dry. On the downside, it meant that they either stuck where I patted the brush, or blended away to almost nothing. It took a lot of work to keep building and blending. On the upside, I didn't get any fallout from these shadows, and the dry formula will work well for anyone with oily eyelids like mine, as it creased less than softer, buttery shadows. 

An eye look with soft browns and a gold halo centre
A pink eye look, with hot pink on the outer edge and lower lashline, shimmery pale pink on the inner corner, and black winged eyeliner

I was surprised to find that these eyeshadows worked very well when dampened with setting spray. Dry formulas can often seize up and become impossible to use, but a little spritz really brought these shadows to life. The chalky shimmers suddenly beamed bright, and the dark brown and pink mattes became as pigmented as they appear in the palette. 

Ideally I would have a black, and a cream shimmer highlight shade in this palette, but even so, the colours are very versatile and this is a great palette to work in conjuction with others you may have in your collection. The muted mauve would be great as a transition shade in a purple smoky eye, the fiery tones add warmth and a pop of colour, and the neutral browns can work with your favourite single shadow or crayon.

 On W7's site the Delicious palette retails for £12.95, and I personally would not pay that, since I was only really interested in one shade, and I found the formula too much work to reach for it every day. For that reason, I would not recommend it to beginners or anyone who prefers a quick, simple look, but it's a good addition to an already varied makeup collection, and ideal for someone who wants to experiment with Modern Renaissance colours at a much lower price point.

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