Personalising Presents with Pretty Gifted

As we creep closer to the big day, I can spend hours searching for the perfect presents, but often I'll just grab whatever gift paper is in the cupboard and make a halfhearted attempt to wrap them. But what if the paper could become part of the present, and make unique gifts that are personal to your recipient?

This is where Pretty Gifted come in. Their online service couldn't be simpler; you simply select your background colour, foil, font, and input your own phrase, and it turns up at your door complete with a tag and metallic pen for the perfect finishing touch.

a palette full of pink, purple, and orange eyeshadows, surrounded by small copper balls, flamingo stickers, and a notebook reading 'whatlyddid' in copper foil on a mint backgrounda black makeup palette wrapped in mint paper with 'whatlyddid' printed in copper foil

You could order a loved one's name and date of birth, or an in joke with a friend, on your paper and use it to wrap almost anything. How about filling a tin with a selection of teas and biscuits then covering it with their name to remind everyone to keep their hands off? If your dad, like mine, is notoriously hard to buy for, why not order paper to read 'Dad's adventures' and customise a map book for his car?

I had purchased a magnetic palette to create my perfect array of eyeshadows, but the plain black cover was less than inspiring. To really make it personal, I covered the palette in my WhatLydDid paper, then added a layer of sticky back plastic for protection. Pop in a few single eyeshadows or cheek colours in their favourite shades, and you have a thoughtful gift that any beauty lover will adore. 

a notebook wrapped in mint paper with 'whatlyddid' printed on it in copper foil, with a pink pencil atop the book
a notebook wrapped in mint paper with 'whatlyddid' printed on it in copper foil, with a pink pencil atop the book

If your friends and family are more into stationery, you can apply the same technique to notebooks or scrapbooks. I imagine everyone would be pretty pleased to pull a personalised notebook from their bag, but especially a younger member of the family who has just started high school. They'll feel really special, and you can guarantee that their books and folders will never be lost or taken.

A scrapbook wrapped with Pretty Gifted paper would be especially lovely for anyone who has recently had a baby or adopted a child. Order some paper printed with their name, wrap the book, then write prompts such as '12 months/first trainers/day at the beach'. It's a great way for your loved one to capture memories, and for you to show how much you care.

With prices starting at £7.95, you certainly wouldn't wrap every gift in Pretty Gifted paper, but I feel it's worth it for those really exciting gifts (hello engagement rings/holiday tickets/puppies), and good value when you use it as part of a thoughtful, unique gift for someone special.

*My paper was provided free of charge by Pretty Gifted, see my disclaimer for more.



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