Nativity Night Nail Design

 I have vivid memories of my primary school nativity performance. While other girls wanted to be Mary and cradle a plastic doll, I had my sights set on being an angel, with Toys 'R' Us wings and a crown of tinsel on my head. 

Instead, I ended up with a tea towel on my head and a walking cane wrapped in sticky duct tape to form my shepherd's crook. Disappointment doesn't cover it! Grown up me has decided to make up for lost time, and bring some Christmas glamour to my nails with a nativity night inspired design that adds lots of sparkle without taking tonnes of time. 

Navy nails tipped with gold glitter. My ring fingernail is metallic blue with a gold star outstretched hand showing my nativity nails

How To Do it: 

1. Apply a base coat to your nails. Don't skip this because navy can stain!
2. Paint your index, middle, and pinky fingers navy blue. I used Sally Hansen's Midnight Watch.
3. Apply metallic blue polish to your thumb and ring fingers. I used OPI's Miss Piggy's Big Number from their The Muppets collection.
4. Cut a small section off a kitchen sponge, and paint a gold or silver glitter onto it. I used a nameless Technic one. The polish will absorb and you can stamp the glitter straight onto the nail. You could layer this step with a finer glitter to achieve a smoother fade than mine. 
5. Use a little bit of top coat to affix a star stud to your ring nail. I bought mine in a set from Amazon. 
6. Top coat all your nails, making sure to dab a little extra around the stud. Since they are flat, the edges can stay raised from the curve of your nail, so filling it in like this stops it from catching. 

a bottle of gold glitter nail varnish
bottles of gold glitter nail varnish, metallic blue nail varnish, and navy nail varnish

What role did you play in your school nativity?



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