Gifts For The Guys

Not to stereotype the entire male population, but have you ever met a man who's easy to buy for? I haven't! Never fear, Lyd is here, bringing gift ideas that are sure to cheer. I've tried to find treats that are functional but still fancy enough that the lads in your life wouldn't buy them for themselves. Hope they help!

A knife set
Every dad secretly thinks he's Gordon Ramsay, and any top chef will tell you that good knives make all the difference. I bought this set for my dad, as it's fantastic value and comes with a guarantee from a company that has made blades for over 100 years, so you really are investing in quality. Plus, you get to eat whatever he cooks, so it's a win win, really.

A Hobby Kit
So your grandpa is getting a bit bored in his retirement, but he's not into golf? What about a painting set, bundle of jigsaws, or a hamper with baking items and a recipe book? If it's something he's talked about for a while but never got around to doing, give him a kick start and he may discover a hidden talent while also keeping mentally active.

An adventure experience
My dad's had so many flight days he's practically a qualified pilot, but he still wouldn't turn down another. They get to take in amazing views, talk technology, and make a new memory, which is always a lovely gift to give. If he prefers to stay a little closer to terra firma you could consider a high ropes course, zorbing, or vouchers to a trampoline park.

Action Camera
If he's already on the adventurous side, he'll love an action cam to record his adventures. Honestly, I don't see the point in splashing out for the sake of home videos, I actually own the SJCAM 4000 and have found it to be a cracking piece of kit at a fraction of the cost of a GoPro. It comes with all sorts of straps and buckles to keep it secure no matter the sport, including a waterproof case. If you have a big budget, this is a great gift to combine with an experience or new equipment.

Good skincare
This is a great gift for younger guys in your family who normally rely on whatever blackhead buster is on offer in the supermarket. Everyone needs a good routine, so start him young and pick up a cleanser, moisturiser, and perhaps a mask or treatment if he suffers with problem skin. I like Boots Botanics and Superdrug for options he can afford to replenish. You'd be surprised how many males are thrilled with a LUSH mask and shower gel option, too.

For more ideas see Harry Judd's Amazon picks. As a musician, dad, and fitness fanatic, he has a suggestion to suit everyone, and even as a self confessed gift guru, I got some great ideas. Even if you have Christmas wrapped up, Harry has some handy hints to keep in mind for birthdays or even to get ahead on Christmas 2018!

This post was sponsored by Amazon but all opinions and picks were my own, so my dad had better blooming like that knife set!



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