Easy Peasy Chocolate Truffles

 It's official: I have become that person who takes their neighbours edible Christmas gifts. I'm practically a Hoo. Hoo-ever, I live near a few elderly people and as much as I want to check on them in the cold weather, I feel a bit patronising just rocking up, so handing out truffles was a good guise for me to see that everything was a-okay, and let them know I'm around if they need me. 

Whether you share these truffles with friends and neighbours, pop them in a stocking or hamper, or save them for snacking during a festive film night, they're super easy to make and can be customised with all kinds of flavours and toppings. 

You will need: 
300g chocolate- honestly lads, I would advise dark, milk at a push, but not white
300ml double cream
50g butter 

What to do: 
- Break up your chocolate
- If you're using dark chocolate, melt it in a bowl placed over a bowl or pan of boiled water. This isn't necessary for milk chocolate as it melts easier later.
- Heat the butter and cream in a pan over a low heat until they melt together and simmer gently
- Pour the cream mixture over your chocolate and stir until it's all combined
- Add in any flavourings. Orange zest, strong coffee, coconut, or mint are good choices!
- Let it cool then pop it in the fridge overnight 
- Pour some sunflower or vegetable oil on your hands (they're tasteless- don't use olive!) and start scooping the mixture then rolling into balls 
- Cover them in any coating you like. I used icing sugar mixed with cocoa powder and they absorbed it, hence why they look like they're something from my cat's litter tray! In future I would coat them twice. You could use dessicated coconut, chopped nuts, or pop the truffles on a skewer and dip into melted chocolate. 
- Refrigerate until you give them out. They will last 3 days. 

What flavour would you make yours?



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