Our Christmas Traditions

When I was a child, the excitement of Christmas was mostly down to the presents. Hours spent circling the Argos catalogue would pay off, and my Ello Creation System collection would double. Now that I'm a (somewhat) adult, I find that the thrills come from carrying out the traditions we repeat each year. Spending time with family, eating good food, and revelling in the spirit of kindness and giving is, dare I say it, better than anything Argos could offer.

'Find me a...'
Speaking of childhood joys, the best part of Christmas (after presents, of course) was a game where my aunty would say 'the first one to find me a... pink toothbrush'. This was the signal for chaos, as me, my sister, and our cousin would charge around the house in search of the prize. There were more than a few shoves and tears!

Garden centres
A festive season without a nosy at the displays in a garden centre is no festive season at all, in my eyes. I especially love Barton Grange, where they create a theme piece in the entrance, leading through to rooms of rainbow decorations.

Keswick Market
I don't go in for the big German markets in Manchester, as the crowds give me more fear than Christmas cheer! I'd much rather spend the day in the place I love, and it's especially lovely to see Keswick town come alive with warmth and happiness, while the surrounding hills lie frosty and still. Christmas truly begins for me when I hear the school children start to sing onstage.

Picky Tea and Muppets Christmas Carol
Everyone has a special Christmas film, right? It may be Home Alone, it might be Elf, but for me it will always be Muppets Christmas Carol, because it's not sad or scary like other versions of the Dickens classic! In my family, we especially love to watch it while we eat a 'picky tea'- a selection of those frozen party foods. Come at me, filo parcels.

Christmas truly is such a special time, and I feel incredibly blessed to have fond memories of these traditions, and the opportunity to make new ones with my loved ones every year. When I finally fly the nest, I'd love to include new traditions, like picking out a new tree decoration every year and having a photoshoot with the dog- preferably in matching costumes. If I have nieces and nephews I'll ice biscuits with them, show them the importance of giving, and create Christmas traditions that I hope they'll treasure as much as I do mine.

What traditions do you have?



  1. I love A Muppets Christmas Carol! My family sit down together every year on Christmas Eve and watch it together. Our main traditions are bowling on Christmas Eve and playing lots of boardgames!
    Charlotte | charlotteshares.co.uk


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