Sunday Shoutout: Tie Dye Eyes

In October last year, I went to an event with Bubbly Bex at Liverpool's Met Quarter. Not only did we get to know about the shops in the centre and their Christmas offerings, we also got a true taste of the Liverpudlian loveliness the city is known for from some of the girls who attended. 

Allie was one of them, and immediately chatted to us with warmth and welcome, telling us the best places to visit in Liverpool (why have I still not been to Bongo's Bingo?) and explaining that her blog name, Tie Dye Eyes, is inspired by her heterochromia, and her amazing different coloured irises. Her blog itself has such a colourful, eclectic design to match.

She was just as wonderful when Bex and I went along to an event she had planned at Voodou hair salon that Winter. I had stupidly chosen that day to have a foot of my hair cut off by an absolute butcher in order to donate it, and my locks were less than luscious. Surrounded by hair inspiration and glossy styles, I felt awful and couldn't stop the tears, but Allie was so reassuring and actually pulled in one of the stylists to help me. To this day, I am still so grateful. 

Not only am I thankful that I met Allie and experienced her kindness, I'm also thrilled that she introduced me to her content, which is just bursting with personality and creativity. First and foremost is her- to quote Bratz- passion for fashion, and it's easy to see that Allie has curated her own signature style, combining classic pieces with customisation and bold, vintage finds. On her blog you'll find style tips along with inspiration from her outfit posts. 

Another of her passions is Liverpool, the city she calls home. If you need an answer or recommendation, this gal is your online personal tour guide! Sadly the city seems to be a love or hate place, with people either adoring the culture and vibrancy, or believing negative stereotypes. I really respect Allie for championing her home and proving to the naysayers that it's an amazing place to be.  

While she often writes about the best of Liverpool, I'm here to say that Allie herself should be included on the list. She is one of the sweetest, most stylish bloggers I know, and someone whose content I always click on as soon as it appears on my feed, because I'm guaranteed to find something fresh, exciting, and 100% Allie.


Who have you been loving lately?



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