September Favourites

Ah, September, you were a funny old month. I felt far from my best and faced some personal struggles, but just like Madonna in the wilderness, somehow I made it through. I tried to get out in nature more, and embraced the first whispers of Autumn.

Knitwear, spiced apple juice, and a visit to a food festival all brightened my mood and warmed my heart, despite the cold days and dark nights beginning to creep in. Here are some other little bits that got me smiling through September:

a red glass bowl holding lots of conkers, surrounded by lilac ribbon

As you may have seen on my Instagram stories, I am well and truly nuts for chestnuts, bonkers for conkers, and I ain't horsing around. What started as picking one up by chance has quickly grown to a collection of fifty. Holding a cool, smooth little piece of nature in my hand is really soothing, and I have my fingers crossed that they will ward off any intrepid house spiders!

a chocolate brownie nestled in red paper shreds

Cake Care Package
With the help of Mike from The Bearded Bakery, the absolute babe that is Charlotte from Colours And Carousels sent me the most thoughtful surprise in the post this month- a box of rich, chewy, chocolate brownies! I was so touched that she had made such a wonderful, kindhearted gesture at a time when she had a lot on her plate, and I was very honoured to have brownies from an award winning blogger on my plate.

lyd stood against a red brick wall wearing a wine corduroy jacket and cream knitted hat, holding a glass bottle of cola

Primark Corduroy Jacket
I saw on Primark's Instagram that they would be releasing these jackets in denim and tan, blush, and berry corduroy, and have lusted after the latter two ever since! I haven't seen the pink one in stores, but I grabbed the berry edition as soon as I spotted it. I can confirm that it's really warm, and brilliant quality. If you told me it was £60 from Topshop's Moto range, I'd believe you. £20 well spent!

a lilac tube of foundation sat in a red leather makeup bag

MUA Undress Your Skin foundation
This is one of those products that I use, love, forget, repeat. It has just the right amount of sheen to give the skin luminosity with no glitter or grease, and a medium coverage. Rather than masking the skin it feels light and comfortable, and I would describe it as flattering and enhancing your complexion. Sadly MUA have stopped making this, I wish I'd stocked up!

After reviewing its sister shade, Sinful, I just had to pick up more from this line, and I'm so glad I did. Chippie is an electric coral red shade, that is probably too bright for my face, but too fun to resist. I was concerned that the formula might vary between shades, but I can happily report that it's still an absolute winner. Comfortable, pigmented, and longlasting.

apple juice in a glass with a watermelon print design

Morrisons Cloudy Apple Juice
I really struggle to drink loads of plain water, so I'm always looking for ways to jazz it up. This juice isn't from concentrate, so it's full of flavour, and I like to dilute one part of the juice with eight parts water for a refreshing drink that's not too sugary.

I've liked Bastille for a while, but throughout September I did not stop listening to their covers of Rhythm Of The Night and (I Just) Died In Your Arms. Dan's voice suits them both perfectly! I also really like the song Bad Blood, but the video really freaked me out at first.

What made you smile in September?



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