Sunday Shoutout: Samantha Nicole

I was going to write something about diamonds being a rare treasure, formed under pressure, but I gave myself a crinjury. It's exactly the sort of sentiment that applies to Samm, though. It is so, so rare to find someone with the wealth of kindness and care she has, and even more unusual to find someone with a wicked streak. A lot of sweet, a bit of sour. The perfect combination!

From speaking to Samm on a daily basis and learning her stories, I can make an educated guess that Samm's sweetness is born from her struggles with physical and mental health, which she is never shy to blog. Beauty is the name, but there is no game Samm won't dive into. You can find posts about relationships (her partner, Dave, is a legend), Liverpool, restaurant reviews, and more.

As well as writing an A* blog, Samm is one of my favourite tweeters. She will help anyone, and I always see her supporting people with retweets and compliments. Samm isn't scared to support causes she cares about, either. I learn a lot from her well rounded, educated views, and I really applaud her for voicing them.

I feel so lucky to have Samm in my life. I trust her completely and know that I have found someone who will laugh with me, rage with me, but also stand up to me when I am doing the wrong thing. Friends who can mould you and keep you on the right path like that are invaluable, everyone needs one beside them.

Dive In:
Tell Me More
Samm celebrated her blog's second birthday by doing my tag, the babe! It's a great way to get to know her.
8 Things Not To Say To Someone With PCOS
Since PCOS is a very common syndrome, I can guarantee everyone needs to read this post at some time! Samm has blended her sarcastic humour with serious facts to shed light on PCOS and how best to respect people with it.
6 Reasons Liverpool Is The Greatest
Somehow Samm's forgotten to mention that it's the city in which she met me in person for the first time, which is obviously the number one reason, but whatever. More recently, Samm has written travel guides for the Isle Of Man and Vienna, but there's nothing like sharing that hometown glory.

Who have you been loving lately?



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