My Office Space Overhaul

 Recently I've found myself falling into the awful habit of working from my bed. Not only is it bad for my back, as my posture is slumped, it's having a detrimental effect on my sleep because I do not switch off and separate my calm, resting room from engaging tasks. I do have an office space in the spare bedroom, but the plain white walls were uninspiring and felt cold. I decided it was high time to change that, inject some much needed colour, and finally have a good nights' sleep!

a white room with gold and pink polka dots on the wall, yellow and pink geometric design noticeboard, sun print on the wall, giant gingerbread teddy sat at the desk

Painting the walls would be a faff, so I decided to use vinyl polka dot stickers to add colour and interest instead. They were really easy to apply, won't damage the wall, and were super cheap from Ebay. I'm particularly glad that I added the pop of bright pink to break up the yellow tones.

a white wall with pink and gold poka dots, and a copper frame with a mustard smiling sun print

The yellow theme was inspired by the Lu West* Maya Sun print that Ideas Network kindly sent me. My room will no longer feel cold with this beautiful sun beaming down at me! I feel really inspired and happy when I see the warm, bright colours, and I know that having another artist's work beside me will encourage me to draw and create. I set it in a copper frame from The Range, and love how it complements the colours of the design while looking that little bit more unusual.

three white prints in black frames. left: blue waves with black whale, centre: teal sea bird, over blue waves right: black boat on teal waves
Photos: Lu West
The design is silk screen printed by artist Lu West, and while I finally decided on this yellow fellow, I would happily display any of her simplistic yet striking prints in my home. They are on the more expensive side of the print scale, at £55 for an A3 print, but I think they are really versatile. I've displayed the Mayan sun print in a desk setting, but it would be perfect for a nursery or hallway, as would her Bigger Boat design.

To tie in the colours of the Maya Sun and the polka dots, I chose to make a feature with a cheap cork noticeboard. The board takes up lots of space, absorbs a bit of sound so the room feels cosier, and I painted it to tie in the colours of my chosen theme. Achieving the geometric triangle look was time consuming but really easy- I just cut thin strips of masking tape and layered until I had an assortment of triangles, then painted them with acrylic paint and ordinary wall emulsion. I then covered the whole centre and spray painted the frame copper to match the sun's frame and my makeup brushes, which are in holders from IKEA. 

white desk with silver tray of cacti, yellow and pink notebooks, and a jar of fineliner pens

silver tray of cacti on a white desk, with yellow notebook and pink pencil case behind it

The desk itself is a plain IKEA top which rests on two legs and a set of classic ALEX drawers, where I store my makeup and some craft supplies. On top I have a Crayola crayon stack and Stabilo pens for decoration and to break up the white space, my planner, and my Amazon Echo Dot*. It allows me to listen to music without having the temptation of logging on to YouTube or Twitter, as I do with my phone or computer.

Finally, I have my trusty friend Brahms to guard my work! He was my sister's school art project years ago, and has been part of the family ever since. I'd like to think he's a pretty good burglar deterrent and he does a great job of keeping my seat warm until I'm ready to write, edit, or illustrate.

Where do you like to work?

*The Amazon Echo Dot and Lu West Mayan Sun Print were sent to me by Ideas Network in exchange for an honest review and promotion. See my disclaimer for more details.



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