Lovely Lentil Bolognese

Now don't go reading this recipe and thinking that I am some clean eating, Deliciously-Ella-style domestic goddess. Quite the opposite. This is a recipe I use when I have overdone it on the crisps and need to nourish my poor body. It's quick to make, packed full of veg and fibre, and low in fat, salt and sugar (unlike my beloved Space Raiders).

a bowl of lentil bolognese topped with sage leaves and a side of buttered baguette

Gather your ingredients: 
Serves 4 as a pasta sauce or 2 if eaten alone
1 onion
1 carrot 
2 sticks celery
2 mushrooms
5 cloves garlic
1 tin lentils
1 carton passata

Get going:
1. Chop your onion, if you are very brave. I buy mine ready chopped from ASDA instead, it makes me feel like a right diva. 
2. Grate your carrot and celery. This is a bit messy and tedious, but a great arm workout. I highly recommend doing it to some 80s tunes. 
3. Crush your cloves of garlic with the back of a knife, peel, and finely chop. Chop your mushies now, too.
4. Pour a teaspoon or so of oil in a pan, add your onion, and sweat it on a low heat for a few minutes. 
5. Add your celery, carrot and mushroom, and get those nice and sweaty, too. Mmm
6. Once it has all cooked down and mingled, it's time to stir in the garlic, and- you've guessed it- let that sweat, too. 
7. Drain the lentils and pour them in with the passata. ASDA make one with basil already added, so I used that, but if you have plain passata I would sprinkle in some herbs. 
8. Pop in some salt and pepper and let the mixture simmer and thicken.

a bowl of lentil bolognese topped with a sage leaf

Serving suggestions:
- I don't eat this with pasta like a meat bolognese, because I find the lentils already have that starchy vibe. Don't let me hold you back, though.
- Eat it as it is, with buttery, crusty bread.
- Dollop it on crackers, it is divine. 
- Add in sweetcorn, paprika, kidney beans, and a chilli passata for a chilli non carne.
- Use it to stuff peppers or mushrooms for even more veg points.
- Pour it into a baking dish and layer mashed or sliced sweet potato and cheese on top, then whack it in the oven to make a cottage pie with a twist. 

There we have it, a versatile dish that's bursting with goodness, takes half an hour, and leaves you plenty of cash for stocking up on Space Raiders. Will you give it a go?

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*post is not sponsored by ASDA, Space Raiders, or Allure La Vie. I just blooming love them all.



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