Sunday Shoutout: Kate Murnane

With her subscriber count rapidly reaching 300,000, this lady definitely doesn't need a shoutout from little ol' me, but she is one of my favourite creators. Whenever I see a new blog or vlog from her, I can't help but click it immediately, which is a sure fire sign that I am head over heels for someone's content.

Her channel started life as Dolly Bow Bow, a space where Kate would share Barry M nail polish collections, tutorials, and Primark hauls. As the years have gone by, Kate has become a wife and mother, and her channel has evolved to the most beautiful family channel. Through it all, the bright, down-to-Earth personality that first got me hooked has stayed the same, and now we also get to learn the personalities of her husband Rikki, and her lovely little boys: Archie and Elliot.

I'm personally not a fan of vlogs that centre around the children and document every detail. However, Kate has found a perfect balance, and she and Rikki create the sweetest vlogs to capture and share memories of the whole family. They aren't afraid to be realistic and show the truth. Sometimes Archie will be cuddling Elliot, the next he's screaming in a car seat. I imagine it's hugely comforting for other parents who may be watching.

The same applies to her other content. While her channel is hugely successful, her home a haven of shabby chic, and her wardrobe and makeup perfect, she never brags, and always stays humble and grounded. A lot of YouTubers aim for the approachable, friendly vibe, and Kate has got it spot on. Whatever the topic of Kate's videos, I trust that I can click on them and find brilliant quality, a bubbly personality, and honest opinions and advice.

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