Friday Five: Instagrammers

Ah, Instagram, the app we love to hate. So many pretty pictures, so many problems on the algorithm. Don't even get me started on the stress of curating a perfect theme! But today I am overlooking the errors in favour of shouting out a handful of the accounts I look forward to seeing. Get your phone at the ready and follow these babes...

I started following Codie when she jetted off on her American roadtrip honeymoon. I loved seeing snippets of excitement and wedding snaps in her stories, and I still love watching her now because her positive nature just radiates sunshine into my day. Even after working long hours and doing a shift at Childline, while jetlagged, she can still make a Tesco haul seem exciting. Very good egg.

a grid of assorted pictures by and of Codie

Hayley's theme is... Hayley! She just shares everything she loves. While I am fond of a perfect colour scheme, I'm also a huge fan of people using the app to snap quick pictures that hold special memories and significance to them. There's lots of positivity and happiness in her pictures and captions, and it's really lovely to see.

a grid of assorted pictures by and of Hayley

What a little gem Sam is! Her main Instagram is a perfect mixture of high quality glossy pictures, and down to Earth video stories. She's currently renovating her house and has unfortunately faced a few stressful issues, so has turned to drawing to relax.

a grid of assorted pictures by and of Sam

Her illustrations are documented on a separate account, and are complete blogger chic. Jo Malone, Charlotte Tilbury, and tortoiseshell glasses can all be found, and knowing that Sam loves those items really seems to come across through the detail she puts in. Keep an eye on her account and get ready to purchase some prints!
a hand drawn flatlay of white converse, tortoiseshell glasses, red lipstick, and a striped teeshirt
I'm sure you've seen by now that personality is more important than pictures, for me, and Lily gives the best of both worlds. She's an actual real life model, so she posts the most beautiful snaps of herself, but is also a travel blogger, keen to share her own excellent photos from her travels. Each one is captioned with something witty or chatty. She even likes to spark debates!

a grid of assorted pictures by and of Lily

Who should I be following? 



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