Friday Five: 06.10.17

I need a little slap on the wrist, because I've fallen off the Friday Five wagon. However, I am back with a new collection of cracking content for you to enjoy. Please let me know what vlogs and blogs you've enjoyed lately, too!

Copenhagen Photo Diary
Amy Farquhar
Amy's photographs in this post are absolutely stunning, and she had a great subject! The city of Copenhagen really is picture perfect. I knew nothing about it until I read about her stay, and learned that it is easy to get around and has a chilled way of life. Sign me up!

The Drawbacks of Gratitude
Antonia from Allure La Vie 
I have been really trying to stop being a neggy Nelly and practise gratitude more in my daily life. Antonia has cleverly pointed out that it's best to balance the two; while it's not good to complain all the time, it's only human to have our down days. I breathed a sigh of relief when I read her advice, as I had been really struggling with a job rejection and hating myself for not finding the silver lining.

Guess Who's Back
Ellie Dalton on YouTube
After 3.5 months working at a summer camp and touring America, Ellie is back! She is a girl who really has it together. After working her butt off at uni, she secured work experience in Austria and America, constantly has projects on the go, and somehow manages to fit in clean eating and hardcore gym sessions without making me feel guilty for eating a Snickers. Ellie is the perfect mixture of inspirational and down-to-Earth, and I think her vlogs would appeal to a lot of people.

Halloween 2017
RawBeautyKristi on YouTube
I've followed Kristi for years, loving her blunt and hilarious attitude. Slowly but surely, she has poured effort and dedication into honing the most incredible makeup, SFX, and videography skills until she became a NYX face awards finalist. I can count on her year round for amazing tutorials and honest reviews, but in October she really comes into her own. Last year she managed a video every single day of the month, and this year she is focusing on 13 varied tutorials. I am loving them so far and so excited to see the rest!

My Italian Style Feast
Ruth from A Model Recommends
Another hilarious and quirky lady, I know that Ruth's videos will always make me smile. She recently worked with a gluten free brand to show 3 recipes that I haven't stopped thinking about since! If Italian stew and feta and broadbean bruschetta are good enough for a model, I sure as hell want to test them out myself.

Who have you been loving lately?



  1. Oooo some greta picks and lots for me to check out - there's a few here I've never heard of!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland


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