Sunday Shoutout: Florence Grace

Once upon a time, I was halfway down the Instagram rabbit hole, when I came across an account that just oozed confidence and sass. I wouldn't normally comment on a stranger's account, but I couldn't help reaching out and telling the girl how much she was smashing it, and how glad I was to find her account for inspiration. That, my friends, is how I 'met' Florence Grace: blogger, body confidence advocate, magazine editor, and all around girl boss.

Florence runs her own blog, Love From Florence Grace, and uses the space as a way to share gritty, personal stories that will all reach someone in a similar situation and say "Hey, me too. You'll be okay!". I've lost count of the times that I have related to a post myself, and felt comforted and encouraged. Florence doesn't fear sharing dark details, because she knows that someone out there will be helped when they see her story and how she has overcome many struggles to reach her goals, be they in her career, relationships or in her confidence. 

In addition to her own blog and a day job, Florence devotes so much time and energy to her magazine and accompanying blog, Love From. Having completed a journalism course, she really knows her stuff, and works incredibly hard to produce a magazine with varied content that completely defies the norm. She features real women and their businesses, includes recipes, current affairs, fashion, as well as shouting out content creators. It's the magazine you need to read, and the only one I would be happy for nieces or cousins to consume.

Far from being just a page in the magazine, Florence's support is completely genuine, and she loves to boost other girls and content creators. I can always count on her to fill my feed with sassiness, girl power, kindness, and inspiration. Everything she does truly is with passion and love from her to her readers. 

Who have you been loving lately?



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