Sunday Shoutout: Cider With Rosie

If you asked me my biggest blog inspiration, I think I would have to say Cider With Rosie. I can't remember how I first stumbled across her blog, but I was immediately hooked on her wholesome lifestyle writing and beautiful photographs. I can practically feel the crisp country air, hearing the barking spaniels, and smell the blackberry crumble as soon as I click on.

Cider With in swirling handwritten font, with ROSIE underneath it in a stamped font, both grey

Rosie's own inspiration was her dear grandmother, who laid the path for the most perfect journey. She encouraged Rosie to see Jason, who became her boyfriend, then husband, then father to their sweet baby girl, Ottilie. Rosie blogged every step and it has been such an honour to follow her journey and see her blossom as a writer, watch her relationship flourish, and to see little Ottilie growing into the loveliest little person. Through every change it seems that Rosie's confidence has grown, but her writing has always maintained a bright, cheerful tone, and she has kept her knack for finding beauty and joy in the littlest things, as documented in her '10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week' series.

In all honesty, I don't usually pay much attention to blog designs. I can appreciate an illustrated header and clear layout, but very often they look similar, mine included. Thanks to Flourish, her husband's creative company, Rosie's blog certainly stands out from the crowd, and deserves a shoutout all of its own. It fits perfectly with the country-casual-meets-chic-and-classic style Rosie shows in her clothes and her kitchen, and makes the perfect setting for her writing. Even if you don't read the posts, I implore you to go over and swoon a little! 

The blog may be called Cider With Rosie, but in my mind, it's Tea With Rosie, as I truly do feel as though I am sitting down with an old friend and a freshly brewed pot of English breakfast. I can rely on her content to feel refreshed and warm inside, and, much like cups of tea, I can't imagine ever tiring of it. 

Dive in: 
Rosie very cleverly incorporated a 'read from the beginning' button, so you can see her reasons for starting Cider With Rosie. She was inspired by her grandmother, and I'm so very glad for it! Like me, her grandmother believed in celebrating the small, and she would be so proud of her granddaughter, and now great granddaughter. 
A grey day can look pretty magical if you look through a spaniel's eyes! Lots of photos of Ted and Elsie, the springer spaniels, in this post.
I think I actually turned into the heart eyed emoji when I saw this recipe. Rich caramel with a salted edge and toasted, creamy almonds? Yes, yes, and thrice yes. 
A perfect example of how Rosie can turn something simple into the most wondrous occasion, and a post that really illustrates her her photography and sense of style beautifully.
Prepare yourself for the most adorable pictures. You can really feel the love that everyone holds for this little lady, and if you click through to this one after reading the posts above, you can really see so much confidence and joy in Rosie and Jason.

Who have you been loving lately?



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