Trying A MicroCell Manicure

When I was around 19, I became obsessed with nail art. I would spend hours poring over videos of every technique and design under the sun, and I quickly racked up a collection of over 170 polishes with which to paint my own nails twice a week.

While those colours were all beautiful, they did my nails no favours, and over time I noticed flaking and ridges. Naturally, I covered them with more layers of colour and thick, gel effect topcoats, rather than facing the problem. When I started to use gel polishes, the problem became even worse, because I could ignore the issue for weeks, then soak and scrape them into an even more damaged state. It was a vicious cycle!

hands holding the items from the MicroCell try me kit

MicroCell is a brand that believes in the best of both worlds: glossy, rich nail colour, and strong, healthy nails beneath it. I was gifted their Try Me Kit* by KLM Beauty, which contains Nail Repair, Nail Wonder, Raspberry Kiss Repair & Colour, and Nail Repair Remover.

MicroCell themselves hail the Nail Repair as the hero product, and I would have to agree. It can be used as a treatment or basecoat, and if you were to choose one item from the set, I would recommend this. It is the product which makes the most difference, since it is what goes onto the nails first and provides nourishment and protection for fragile nails. It can be used under all other polishes to protect and strengthen the nails. It is also available in a matte edition if you wish to wear it discreetly.

The second most helpful product in the set was the Nail Repair Remover. I am guilty of using strong acetone removers, which are incredibly harsh and drying on the nails and cuticles. The MicroCell Remover contains no acetone, yet was surprisingly efficient. My polish came off quickly and easily, and my cuticles did not feel dry or tight afterwards. I did have to use more of this than I would with an acetone remover, but that may be because I wore a dark shade.

hand holding the MicroCell remover against a red brick wall

The colour in the set, Raspberry Kiss, is a beautiful berry shade that sits perfectly in the middle of pink and purple. It was fully opaque in 2 coats, and dried quickly to a shiny finish. Even the colours are formulated with green algae, silicum, and calcium to support the nails! The range is very small but there is a colour for everyone, with classic shades including shell pink, nude, red, and berry.

In place of a traditional topcoat is the Nail Wonder, which promises to fill ridges, protect the nail and polish, refresh colour, and give a high gloss finish. In my experience, I found that it did provide a smooth and shiny cover, but small chips had appeared by the second day, and by the end of the week my manicure was definitely looking more manocure, with large chunks missing.

Overall, the product I would purchase and recommend is the Nail Repair. I felt it was the one product that could reach and nourish the nails, and I liked that MicroCell have made it so versatile, and easy to use alone or in conjunction with any nail polishes. Unfortunately the Colour & Repair, when worn with Nail Wonder, didn't last well at all on me, but if you love a particular shade from their range, I would recommend buying it to wear with a gel effect topcoat. The colours are cheaper than the likes of China Glaze and OPI, and have the added bonus of the strengthening extracts.

While the full size products are pricey, the Try Me Kit is just £15 for generous samples of the four products. It would make a really thoughtful gift for anyone who struggles with weak or damaged nails. 

Which nail products do you swear by?

*product was gifted for review. For more information see my disclaimer.



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