Stila Steal: Collection Glam Crystals

 Ever since those Stila Magnificent Metals hit the market, I have searched high and low for a dupe. I really love Stila products, but I could win the lottery and you still wouldn't catch me spending £23 on a bit of glitter- especially when I've seen a fair few reviews that accuse them of flaking.

It's been at least a year since they first appeared, and I still haven't seen any companies duping them. Not even Makeup Revolution, who, we all know, are partial to a low dollar doppelganger. So, I cast my mind back down Memory Lane, and remembered a glitter liquid eyeliner that my sister had bought me many moons ago.

Tube of champagne coloured glitter on a white fleece background, surrounded by star sequins

It was from Collection back when they had the 2000, so I had my doubts that it would still exist, but Superdrug fulfilled my dazzling dreams, and I found the Glam Crystals line still going fairly strong. I seem to recall that they had more colours, whereas now the collection consists of a silver, blue, green, purple, and my old friend, Funk. 

Funk is a beautiful champagne colour, which has true rainbow sparkles if you hold the tube to the light. It would look lovely dabbed onto the centre of the eye as a halo effect, or built up in the inner corner to bring some sparkle to a smoky eye. My personal preference is to apply it all over my lids for a super easy way to look dressed up and 'done'. Right off the bat I will say that my only criticism is the shade range, which caters perfectly for bolder, festival looks, but would benefit from some pretty neutrals, à la Stila. I can imagine the shelves being emptied in minutes if Collection offered a rose gold, a copper, and a bronze.

Close up of the fine brush

Negatives aside, and let the positives begin. To start with, the Collection Glam Crystals are £2.99, a fraction of their high end cousins. The brush is intended for lining the eye, so it offers precision if you want it, and while the thin tube isn't as stunning as Stila's luxe gold casing, it is easier to pop into a makeup bag.

The formula isn't quite opaque in one swipe, but I personally like that, as it means you can wash it over the lids to add some sparkle over your eyeshadow. Since it dries so quickly you can add a second coat for maximum impact and still be done in under a minute. There's no fall down like loose glitters, and no waiting around to layer it up like I have experienced with other glitter liners.

Close up of the fine glitter, showing the blend of colours
A square swatch of the glitter on the back of a hand

I mentioned that the Magnificent Metals flake on some people, and since my eyelids do get oily I was concerned that this would be the case for the Glam Crystals. However, they last without flaking, smudging, or transferring for as long as I like, all while feeling light on the lids.

If you have your heart set on a certain Stila shade then by all means splurge and enjoy the weighty metal case and the micro fine glitter. There is no denying that they have created a beautiful product, but if you are searching for brighter colours, greater precision, or a saving of £20, then Collection have you covered.

Which would you choose?



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