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When I was invited to learn more about the Fragrances of The World with The Perfume Shop, I didn't realise how much fascinating knowledge I would actually be absorbing. 

On the evening I was greeted by the friendliest staff ever, and as soon as I started chatting to the lovely Emily, I saw how important it is to The Perfume Shop to invest in the staff. Emily herself has completed their masters programme, making her a perfume expert, and the perfect person to guide me on my journey through the fragrance world.

perfumes and colour coded fragrance wheels laid out on desktablet with The Perfume Shop app loaded on screen

We started by looking at my favourite perfume (Flowerbomb, FYI) and examining the components. The Perfume Shop even have an app for customers and staff to use in store, which breaks down a fragrance's notes and can point you in the direction of similar scents. It's especially important to look at the base notes, as these are what will wear longest on your skin, whereas the top notes fade after 10 to 15 minutes. The Perfume Shop encourage all of their customers to try perfumes on their skin to see (or rather, smell) exactly how it works with their chemistry. 

cinnamon and coconut jellybeans in a red drawstring bag

Emily then showed me some videos that illustrated the four main families: floral, oriental, woody, and fresh. For each one she gave me an accompanying chocolate or jellybean with flavours that tied in to what I saw on screen and brought the experience to life. After the video she would talk through fragrances that sat within that family, and I began to pick up on the notes and components. I had never realised that lavender can sit within the woody section and be included in typically male fragrances!

Since flowers are in so many fragrances, Emily explained the importance companies place on them. The irises that Dior use can only be harvested for one hour, by hand, at dusk. It's not just the flowers they care about though! We began to chat about the ethics of the big fashion and fragrance houses, and Emily told me that Dior actually create communities for their workers to look after them, including hospitals and schools. 

Even though fragrances are personal and evocative, signifying events and memories in our own stories, I hadn't thought about the stories behind them when they reach the shelves. For example, the new Armani Stronger With You bottle lids are styled on both Giorgio's wedding ring and his partner's, as he has worn both together since his partner passed away. Hearing details like that does draw me closer to the brand, and I'd love it if they made the details part of the advertising.

me and emily discussing perfumes at the desk. The shelves behind Emily are full of blue and yellow perfume products.

It was clear that Emily was passionate about perfume, fanatical about fragrance, and more than happy to help everyone find their signature scent. When I worked in Deb- ahem, a big department store, we were told to sell whatever the brand representatives needed to clear, whereas The Perfume Shop puts the customer first and invests in its tools and staff to ensure that each customer gets the very best care and leaves with something special. 

I was incredibly lucky to leave with not one but two bottles of perfume, including Chloe, which I always presumed would be a heavy, powdery rose scent that I would hate. Emily advised me to try it based on my preferences and I'm so glad she did as I just fell in love. It smells like Fentiman's rose lemonade and the rose gardens at Dunham Massey, two of my favourite things on Earth!

The whole evening was so educational and interesting, and I cannot thank The Perfume Shop enough for their generosity and hospitality. It was so brilliant to learn about the company, the products, the brands, and about perfume in general. Every single step assured me that The Perfume Shop is simply scent-sational.

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