Sunday Shoutout: Grandiose Days

There are some things I'm good at (eating, sleeping...), some things I'm bad at (organisation, contouring...), and some things I am truly abysmal at, like independence. Luckily for me, I have a constant source of inspiration in the form of Tasmin and her blog, Grandiose Days.
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At just 24, she has flown almost completely solo and moved into her own home. No parents, no boyfriend, no handouts, just Tasmin and her two delightful doggos. What a woman.

When she's not busy climbing the property ladder, Tasmin devotes her spare time to climbing walls, bouldering, wakeboarding, mixed martial arts, and any other activity that promises a huge hit of adrenaline along with a risk of broken bones. I haven't the guts to walk into a singing class alone, let alone stride into the gym and release my inner warrior!

Tasmin's strength is more than just physical, and I am incredibly honoured to call her my friend and to have her support. Her advice is always logical and practical, and her kindness knows no limits. I truly do believe that that same attitude pours through in her blog posts, and her inviting tone quickly makes every reader feel like they are catching up with a friend over a cuppa.

I love following her adventures, and find them so inspiring. Tasmin is literal proof that you can go somewhere alone, even travel the world, and live to tell the brilliant tale. I also love that her emphasis is definitely on appreciating life's experiences and events rather than the items. One of my biggest goals in life is to own the perfect house, and following Tasmin's progress really encouraged me to put more away for my future- both in terms of a cosy place to call home, and places further from my comfort zone. 

Seeking your own nest is hugely exciting, but daunting, too! Let Tasmin guide you through with her handy advice.
Whether you're looking for a travel guide for the Brussels area, or a sign to fly solo yourself, this post will deliver the goods.
This post contains more girl power than a Spice Girls album, and is the best example of Tasmin's quiet confidence and inspiring self belief.

You can also find Tasmin on Twitter and YouTube!



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