Beauty Hero: W7 Sinful Mega Matte

Liquid lipsticks are definitely the item of makeup that fascinate me most. Perhaps it's because they're a relatively new addition to the beauty world, popping up a few years ago, but I look at every new launch with intrigue and interest.

Many, many launches, finishes, brands, and colours later, and I still haven't found the perfect one, but I have found something pretty damn close. The Mega Matte in 'Sinful' from cruelty free champions, W7.

a tube of rosy pink lipstick lay on white flowers

Let's start with the first positive: I picked this up for a bargain £1.99 in B&M bargains! That means I could buy a whole spectrum of 8 shades for the price of a single Jeffree Star lipstick. I'm already impressed.

 Despite the low price point, this formula behaves brilliantly. It applies smoothly, with a whipped, creamy texture similar to NYX lip cremes. One coat provides decent coverage, and while the doe foot applicator is nothing new, it does apply the product precisely. I swipe on a second coat in areas that aren't as opaque, and there are no issues with crumbling or streaking. Two minutes after application, I totally forget it's there, as it settles right down to a matte finish with absolutely no trace of dryness or stickiness. I feel confident that it won't smudge, but there's also zero chance of the dreaded cat bum lips. We've all been there. 

I haven't found a liquid lipstick that can truly withstand food and drink, and the Mega Matte formula isn't invincible, either, but it doesn't dissolve in clumps or patches, and the 'my lips but better' shade means it's not shockingly obvious. I also don't get that hideous white line on my inner lip when I wear this gem!

a swatch of rosy pink lipstick on a white hand with purple nails
a lipgloss applicator with rosy pink lipstick on it lay on white flowers

I have never found a liquid lipstick with the perfect balance before, and now that I own Sinful, I never want to take it off! I have been wearing it every time I do my makeup, which is so rare for me. Usually I stick to a nude lip bullet, but Sinful is every bit as comfortable and easy to wear. When the time does come to take it off, it removes easily with oil based cleanser, and my lips don't feel dehydrated in the slightest. 

I must admit that a lot of Sinful's charm comes from the colour itself. It's not a bright fuchsia, but by no means nude, and the slight hint of blue makes my teeth look whiter. It wears off far better than the bolder shades will, but when the formula is this good, you know I'll be collecting those, too!

What's your favourite formula?



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